Chapter 35: Battle of Brothers

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Obito felt his eyes flutter open, the first thing he saw was the worried look on Sakura's face, her hands glowing a light green as he felt his wound slowly heal. He saw a faint purple chakra surrounding them and slowly turned his head and saw Sai and Sayuri looking at something in the distance, the purple chakra seemingly coming off of the female Uchiha. 

"Sensei," Sakura shouted in relief and happiness. "Thank god you're okay," Obito felt his body protest as he sat up slowly, the ache of his chest almost being unbearable as he looked over to Naruto and the now unmasked man that he recognized as Sasuke Uchiha, the one who died in Naruto's alternate world. 

"That's. . ." He trailed off, his eyes widening as he realized the implications behind the unmasking and his head darted to Sayuri, who was wearing a grim expression. "Is Naruto okay?" 

"Knowing him? Probably not." She answered as she glanced back at him, a small glare coming off of her Sharingan eyes. "You knew about the truth about Naruto?" Obito grimaced.

"I suppose the truth was revealed while I was out," He muttered mostly to himself before nodding. "Yes, I knew ever since he tried to kill himself." 

"Three years?" Sakura whispered as she glared at Obito. "You knew who Naruto was for three years and never told us? We could have helped him!" 

"I was ordered to keep secret," Obito said honestly. "Tsunade-sama didn't want any more slander on Naruto's name after word got out that he put Kurenai in the hospital." He looked at Naruto and Sasuke again. "What are they doing?" 

"Well," Sai began. "They yelled at each other that they were going to fight, and yet, all they've done is glare at each other." Obito nodded and slowly stood up, his knees shaking slightly as he straightened up. 

"Then that means we have time to get away," He said as he eyes were glued on the pair of godlike shinobi. "With the battle that these two will be waging, I doubt there won't be a piece of land within a mile radius of here that won't be untouched." 

"Don't lump me in with you lot," Sayuri said with a snarl. "I'm not weak! I've surpassed you too, Obito!" 

"And so has Naruto," Obito retorted. "And so is that Sasuke guy, and not by a small amount either." He met Sayuri's eyes. "Sayuri, I've known you since you were a wrapped bundle in Mikoto-sama's arms. I promised myself that I'd protect you after our clan was slain. And now I'm going to keep that promise," He said as he sighed. 

Sayuri's eyes widened as she realized what he was saying. "Don't you dare use-" In an instant, Obito activated his Mangekyou Sharingan and used Kamui, causing Sakura, Sai, Sayuri, and himself to be sucked up and transported into the Kamui dimension, where Sayuri was glaring daggers at the older Uchiha. 

"You bastard!" 

"It seems that your friends have abandoned you," Sasuke noted as he watched the broken remains of Team 7 get sucked up by Obito's Kamui. "Then again, you're used to being abandoned, aren't you?" 

Naruto didn't reply to Sasuke's barb, staring into the man's mismatched Sharingan and Rinnegan eyes. He took a deep breath, Naruto's fingers twitching as he spoke. "When I asked why you were doing this, you said it was because I let Naruto Uzumaki die." Naruto's own Rinnegan glowed. "What exactly did you mean by that?" 

Sasuke chuckled. "How like you to want to talk after saying you'd break my bone in my body, no matter, I'll indulge you. I have all the time in this world anyway." He held a single arm out, extending a finger and pointing at Naruto. 

"What I meant is exactly what I said. You let Naruto Uzumaki die." He shouted accusingly, wearing the same smirk that he used often back then. 

"I'm still alive!" Naruto responded with a shout of his own. Sasuke's amused face turned into one of pure anger, gritting his teeth as his Eternal Mangekyou activated, spinning violently. 

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