Chapter 9: Hidden Snake

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Attention, important, very important disclaimer: Trigger Warning for cutting. Something that can trigger people is mentioned/talked about in this regarding one of the characters. If you can handle it, great. If not, I will summarize the chapter at the end of the chapter. It will be in bold like this so scroll down till you see bold again if you don't want to read about it in detail. 

So yeah. 

Naruto was panting slightly as he practically flew by the large trees that made up the Forest of Death, trying as hard as he could to run like the wind, even focusing his chakra on his calves to help run faster in order to reach Sayuri and Sakura, who were currently in a fight with Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin. 

He had been blown away by a large wind jutsu just like last time. He had tried applying chakra to the soles of his feet in order to avoid repeating his past but failed. Failed. Failure. How could he fail? 

He knew everything that was about to happen and yet he wasn't able to be effective at all. Sayuri would end up getting the Curse Mark as Sasuke had before. He was failing in his mission. 

He was failing to change the future as he had promised when he arrived in this reality. 

"No," Naruto murmured to himself as he propelled himself further. He was getting close. He could hear the roaring of fire that was most likely from Sayuri battling Orochimaru. He summoned a clone and used it to help form a Rasengan. 

Looking up, he saw Orochimaru talking to Sayuri. He didn't know what he was saying, but that sly smirk that plastered itself on the Snake Sannin's face was infuriating. 

During the war, Orochimaru was somehow revived after Kabuto was subdued. Orochimaru, with the help of a special item Naruto wasn't informed about, was able to summon the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokages using the Reanimation Jutsu, which helped the war effort for a long time before they were offed by Madara using Sage of Six Paths Senjutsu. 

So he knew he couldn't kill the Sannin even if he was able to. Orochimaru was going to be useful in the future but right now he was acting the villain. He had put that Curse Mark on Sasuke long ago as well as killing the Third Hokage. His sins outnumbered and outweighed his actions during the 4th War. 

Sins. . . 

"No," Naruto suddenly shouted as he jumped into the air, hovering slightly as he glared murderously at Orochimaru, whose eyes had widened in shock at the sudden appearance of the Jinchuuriki. 

"Naruto don't!" Sayuri cried out. Didn't he know who this was? This was Orochimaru of the Three Sannin, a legendary shinobi! Naruto didn't stand a chance!" 

"I won't ever let you hurt any of my comrades ever again!" Naruto screamed in a rage as his Rasengan began morphing in his hand, air from around the blonde streaming into the ball of chakra as it began changing into a bright white color with four blades pronging from each side of the Rasengan, making it look like a large shuriken.

"What is this?" Orochimaru hissed as he shielded his eyes. "Is that pure wind chakra?" Naruto's blue eyes shined brightly as the wind around him began cutting into skin. 

No. No, he had to endure this pain. He had to push the Sannin back or, if he was lucky, put him out of commission for the remainder of the Second Exams. 

Sayuri watched Naruto in awe. She was only able to see his back with the white chakra swirling heavily in his right hand. She looked on as the orange jumpsuit Naruto always wore began shredding under the power of his own jutsu, large amounts of fabric quickly detaching themselves from the rest of the jacket as the shuriken-like jutsu only increased in power. 

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