Chapter 41:

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"I'll start making things right again."

The blond's sentence was simple, yet the effect was instant. Sayuri felt all of her remaining energy to drain from her body. Her eyes rolled back up inside her head and she slumped back, unconscious.

"Yoooooooouuuuuu," The growl emerged from Sasuke's throat, guttural and hate-filled. "How did you return?" Naruto's mismatched eyes met Sasuke's own, a look of meaning in them. The passiveness on Naruto's face irritated Sasuke. 

Without looking back, Naruto snapped his finger and Sayuri's unconscious form flashed away in a bright yellow. "Tch," Sasuke bit back. "You think you can save her? You can't save anybody!" He roared, chakra exploding from his body as the dirt and air rippled around him, creating a shockwave that blew Naruto's hair backward, but the blond didn't budge. 

"I'm sorry." Naruto whispered as he unsheathed his sword. Sasuke didn't hear Naruto's words, nor did he see his enemy in front of him. Only red clouded his vision as his sword was instantly in his hand and his feet began rapidly hitting the ground. 

Instinct let him know that he was upon his target. Raising his sword in the air, Sasuke brought down the blade with the all of the hatred in the world, hoping to end all of his problems with a single slice. 

However his wants did not become reality as steel clashed against steel, sparks flying as Sasuke seemed to momentarily hover in the air. His eyes narrowed in a furious glare that screamed 'hatred', the force of his blow and it being blocked created a crater as Naruto's feet sunk into the earth, breaking it up as the two began sinking. 

Sasuke hurled his body forward, using his momentum to try and bring his heel down upon Naruto's head, but was caught off guard as Naruto grabbed his foot and swung him into a bolder that was falling with them further into the earth. 

Sasuke felt one of his ribs crack as he smacked into the rock, the taste of blood entering his mouth as he couldn't help but smile. "Amaterasu!" He shouted, coating the falling rocks and dirt with the black flames. 

Naruto looked up and saw the impending doom the flames represented. Without even thinking he formed a Rasenshuriken in his palm and threw it straight up, a whirlwind of chakra incinerating the burning debris. 

The momentary distraction was all Sasuke needed as he shot out a blade of lightning that hit Naruto in the shoulder, but he didn't even wince as his hand suddenly began to glow a golden yellow. He sliced through Sasuke's lightning and then used the same hand to grow larger, launching it towards Sasuke and latching onto the Uchiha. 

"Idiot." Was all Naruto heard before the man in his grasp vanished in thin air, only to reappear above Naruto, having switched out with a piece of rock that was above him. To Sasuke's surprise, Naruto was prepared and had a third arm hidden behind his back holding a yellow Rasengan. 

Naruto shoved the Rasengan forward and Sasuke grit his teeth in pain as it grinded into his chest before shooting him up and out of the massive hole they had created, blowing him in the air. 

Sasuke summoned his Susanoo, the gigantic chakra avatar surrounding him, its large purple wings granting him the ability to fly as he hovered in the air. How? How could this happen? 

He killed him! He had killed the impostor and sealed him within the Totsuka Blade! The fact that he was back was ridiculous, way past fate defining. So how? 

The answer wouldn't come to him as two golden yellow claws shot out of the hole, grabbing at the ground surrounding the hole. He watched as Naruto pulled himself up, now encased in the large fox avatar of Kurama, now in his Sage of Six Paths form. 

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