Chapter 11: Revelations

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I hate writing canon, so everything is canon wise, everyone loses to who they're supposed to. I will write the battle of Sayuri vs. Kankuro because I killed off their entire team last chapter. And Naruto vs. Kiba because of different Naruto = different type of fight. 

Team 7, along with the rest of the teams, was standing on a small platform in a large room, a railing to keep them from falling into the small arena below where Sayuri stood several meters across her opponent, Kankuro of the Sand. 

"Feel free to quit, I don't like hurting women." Kankuro said as he brought out the puppet on his back, knowing full well that the Uchiha wouldn't be pulling in punches. "But as a shinobi I will break my own morals." 

"Shut up and fight," Sayuri growled as Hayate, the proctor for the preliminaries, started the match. "I want this to be over already!" Kankuro chuckled.

"Rushing isn't the way of shinobi!" Sayuri threw two kunai at her opponent and dashed to the left, hoping to distract Kankuro who easily deflected the kunai as his opponents narrowed slightly at Sayuri. 

"You aren't getting out of my sight!" He called out as his puppet, Karasu, held out four arms as he used his chakra strings to make the puppet rush towards Sayuri at uncomfortable speeds for the Uchiha. 

Sayuri quickly went through the hand seals and blew out a fireball, it enveloping the puppet. She then smirked. "Wood burns, surrender!" She said as she charged into the smoke.

"You think I'd come into the Land of Fire with a wooden puppet without back up?" Kankuro questioned as his own smirk crossed across his lips. He tugged on his index finger, the chakra string tilting slightly before his puppet burst from it's wooden shell, revealing a small exoskeleton-like puppet. "She's a bit weaker, but I think it'll be enough for you!" 

He pulled his middle finger and a small hole opened from inside the slightly steaming hot puppet before needles coated in poison shot out. Sayuri ducked under the needles, rolling on the concrete floor before breaking out in a full sprint towards Kankuro, her two tomoed Sharingan spinning as she met his eyes. 

"I win," She announced loudly, holding a kunai to the back of Kankuro's neck. The puppet user's eyes widened in shock as he turned his head slowly. 

"H-How?" He whispered. 

"Not important." She answered, pressing the kunai against his neck a bit more roughfully. "Do you concede?" A sigh escaped Kankuro's lungs as he rose his hand. 

"I give up." He admitted. Hayate announced Sayuri as winner. 

Meanwhile in the stands

"She tricked him with genjutsu from the beginning of the match." Naruto whispered to himself, although Obito heard him. "The moment they made eye contact she ensared him into thinking her Sharingan wasn't activated and then laced another one over that, making it seems as if she was one step behind than she really was, therefore making Kankuro think that she was farther behind than she initially was." Obito let out a low whistle. 

"Taking notes for when you have to face her?" Obito asked him. Naruto shook his head.

"I'm immune to genjutsu, but her Sharingan is definitely a problem. When you decide to train her between the one month period, try and up her speed to what Rock Lee's was, that way she has the speed to outmaneuver her foes attacks that she can see before they happen." 

"I was actually planning on training the both of you." Obito admitted, surprising Naruto. "But from the sounds of it you have a training regiment of your own?" Naruto nodded.

"Hokage-sama has gifted me permission to go through all of the village's scrolls and learn as much as I can, paired with Shadow Clones I can learn about a years worth of knowledge in a month."

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