Chapter 38: Time

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Naruto was quiet as he watched Inoichi move nervously around him, the blond Yamanaka holding a variety of documents as the sweat accumulating on his forehead was apparent. Minato stood silently as he watched Inoichi strap the blond man who claimed to be his son to a steel chair that was routinely used for interrogations. 

He would find out very quickly if what this man said was true or not. Kushina had believed him, which was enough for Minato to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, he was still Hokage and had a duty to protect the village from any and all threats. 

And seeing the man hold the Rinnegan, something only Jiraiya's student, Nagato, possessed. He had seen the doujutsu in action before, and knew that it granted the user almost god-like abilities. Why would his son possess the Rinnegan? 

"Hokage-sama," Inoichi addressed Minato, snapping the Kage out of his thoughts. "It's ready." Minato nodded and walked over to Naruto, who had tilted his head up to meet his eyes.

"Father," Naruto began, almost reluctantly. "What will you do if you don't like what you see?" Minato was taken aback as he saw the mismatched eyes looking at him with curiosity. 

"Well," He started. "Depending on what we see, you'll be banished from Fire Country. If you refuse to leave, then you'll be leaving me no choice." He stated firmly. 

"I see." Was all the blond replied. Minato frowned before looking at Inoichi and nodded. Inoichi put a hand on Minato's shoulder and formed a hand sign. 

"Let's begin," Inoichi announced as chakra began swirling around him. He pressed his finger against Naruto's forehead as his chakra pulsed in sync with Inoichi's and Minato's. His eyes widened as the memories of his entire life flashed across his eyes. 

Graduating from the academy and being placed on Team Seven, the mission-gone-wrong in Wave, the Chunin Exams, Sasuke leaving the village, the training trip, saving Gaara, Jiraiya dying, mastering Sage Mode, fighting and defeating Pain, fighting Sasuke after the Kage Summit, befriending Kurama, fighting Obito, fighting Madara. . .

Watching his friends die. Watching as Madara killed him. The memory kept replaying and Naruto's eyes only got wider, his teeth gritting. 

Waking up, meeting the Third again, becoming a Genin and finding out Sasuke was gone and replaced by Sayuri, failing to save Haku and Zabuza in Wave, fighting Orochimaru in the Chunin Exams, facing Gaara, bringing Tsunade back, attempting to kill himself, slowly losing his mind. 

Naruto's fingernails clawed at the steel chair, his eyes becoming bloodshot as he was forced to relive his life. 

Leaving Jiraiya in the middle of the training trip, killing the Akatsuki members off one by one, destroying the entirety of the Hidden Rain, killing Konan and all of the citizens of the Hidden Rain, killing Nagato and stealing his Rinnegan, disregarding the Konoha Council, attacking the Five Kage, fighting Sayuri, finding out Sasuke was alive and was the masked man, and death. 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto screamed in agony as Inoichi pulled away from the young man, both of them panting heavily. Minato was alarmed and grabbed Inoichi, shaking the clan head. 

"What happened? What did you do?" Inoichi's face turned into one of terror as he was reminded of what he had just seen. 

"N-Nothing! There were more memories than I originally thought there'd be! The trauma of all of those memories hitting at once most likely caused immeasurable pain." Naruto looked at Inoichi with a bitter, pained expression.

"You don't say," Naruto bit out, still out of breath. He met the Yamanaka's fear-filled eyes. "So? Tell us what ya think!" 

"What did you see?" Minato asked Inoichi. The Jounin looked at his Hokage with a worried gaze. 

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