Chapter 2: Changes

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Naruto looked at Sayuri Uchiha with plate-sized eyes, unable to truly believe it. How? How the hell was Sasuke a fucking girl? A girl named Sayuri at that?! HOW?! 

"Everything is crumbling around me, and if she's here, then," Naruto held his hand on his head, sweat forming all over his body as his throat clenched. "Then Sasuke really is. . ." 

Sasuke's eyes widened as he suddenly hurled Naruto in front of him, his feet skidding in the dirt, his breathing ragged before a beam of light came out of the left side of his chest, destroying his heart. 

"He really is dead. . ." Naruto whispered as his breathing became erratic, getting slightly concerned looks from Sakura and Sayuri. Naruto quickly placed his hand over his heart, clutching the orange fabric as he felt his heart beating out of his chest. "Sasuke really is gone forever. . ." 

"What's wrong with you dobe?" Sayuri questioned, slightly weirded out by the supposed idiot's reaction to seeing her. Naruto met her coal colored eyes, his bright azure blue colored eyes holding so much intensity she immediately forgot how to breathe, the world around her became closing in on her. 

"Where the hell is Sasuke, you fake?" He said, his nose twitching as he began losing his senses. Sayuri couldn't move, frozen as the dobe glared at her, fear slowly consuming her entire being as she couldn't help but draw a kunai in response, her hands shaking. "ANSWER ME!" He shouted, his chakra exploding as the chairs and desks began flying through the air as the atmosphere immediately changed. 

"That's enough," A calm voice spoke as a gentle hand was suddenly placed on Naruto's shoulder. "You needn't take your anger out on your comrades." Naruto recognized that voice. That horrible voice. That horrid voice that haunted his dreams. . . 

Looking up, Naruto saw the clear complexion of Obito Uchiha's face, a sad yet kind smile on his face, his black eyes staring deep into Naruto's soul. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Naruto instinctively said as he threw the man's hand off of him. 

"Taste despair!" Obito shouted as he stood upon the Ten-Tails head as a beam of red energy shot down, completely incinerating at least a hundred shinobi from the Allied Forces. Naruto's jaw clenched as he glared furiously at the man before him, the flames of Kurama's chakra surrounding him. 

"I won't ever let you get away with that!" He shouted as a Rasenshuriken suddenly formed in his hand. "I won't let this world end!" Naruto screamed. 

"This world will end!" Obito shouted in response. 

"I, what the hell is happening to me?" Naruto said as a small chuckle escaped his mouth, unnerving everyone in the now destroyed room. "I'm completely fucked, aren't I?" Obito frowned. 

"Nonsense, you are as perfect as you will yourself to be, and that goes for all of you. And hello, I'm Obito Uchiha, your new sensei. Meet me on the rooftop in five minutes so we can all learn about each other a bit more." He said cheerfully before vanishing from sight. 

"Naruto?" Sakura whispered, slightly fearful of the boy, but also concerned as he noticed his tense stature, as well as the outbreak he just let out twice in a row. "Are you alright?" 

"Sakura-chan," Naruto began, forcing a smile onto his face as he rubbed the back of his head. "At least you're still normal." Sakura rose an eyebrow at that but remained silent before walking out of the classroom, leaving Sayuri and Naruto in the room alone. 

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