Chapter 18: Slugs

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"Hmmm," Jiraiya half-groaned at the sight of a destroyed building. "Tsunade has been here, that's for sure." Naruto looked up at his teacher.

"You know if you want me to tell you where she is and what's about to happen I can accurately tell you, right?" Jiraiya looked at Naruto with a grin and a thumbs up. 

"But that takes the fun out of finding her!" Naruto deadpanned at the white-haired pervert in front of him and stuffed his hands in his pockets. 

"Whatever pervy sage, I'ma go get a headstart on our "investigation", which should take place in a small restaurant a few blocks away." Jiraiya huffed and crossed his arms. 

"Brats and their future bullshit," He muttered under his breath before he followed Naruto with rushed steps, the blond teen already being a hundred feet away from the hermit. 

Naruto stopped walking in front of a tiny one-floor restaurant with white flaps acting as the doors with little red insignias. He looked over to his right and saw Jiraiya looking onward with a steeled gaze. "Are you nervous, Jiraiya-sensei?" 

"Is it that easy to tell?" Jiraiya laughed out. "Yeah I am, but I'm more worried about what she's up to and where her loyalties lie rather than the reunion itself." Naruto shrugged. 

"It'll be fine, let's go say hi to my last living blood relative," Naruto stated and pushed past the white barrier, leaving a dropped-jaw Jiraiya standing at the entrance. Blood relative? Did he mean the Senju and Uzumaki? 

Naruto strolled in the restaurant and immediately spotted Tsunade, Shizune, and Tonton. Tsunade was wearing her usual getup, a pair of heels with above ankle loose pants with her grey shirt that exposed plenty of cleavage and a dark-brown sash tied around her waist with her green vest on. 

"Yo," Naruto called out as he quickly took a seat next to Shizune, who awkwardly scoot over in order to make room for the Genin who had chosen to sit with them for whatever reason. 

"Who the hell are you?" Tsunade asked rudely. Naruto smirked. 

"I know you have a deck of cards tucked in the valley between those two gigantic mountains you have, why not play a little game?" Tsunade growled and Naruto's smirk only increased. "How about a game of War hm? Simple enough, you beat me I give you all the money I have in my pocket and I leave, if I win then I get to sit and chat." 

"Or, I beat the ever-living shit out of you and steal your money? That sounds better doesn't it?" Tsunade said menacingly as she cracked her fingers. Naruto's smile didn't disappear though. 

"But what fun is that? Surely a Sannin has more morals than beating up some cocky teenager, what's wrong? Scared to lose?" Tsunade's eye twitched before she pulled out the deck of cards from between her breasts and began dealing. 

"How many times are you going to have to lose to give up your money?" Naruto shrugged. 

"How about this, for each time I win I get to stay for two minutes, the first time you win two in a row I'll go and give you my money, sound fair?" Tsunade nodded.

"That's reasonable, but I hope you're ready to go down brat." Naruto laughed. 

"Oh I doubt it, the old man always said I had the luck of my mother, you know, Uzumaki's and their insanity right?" He chuckled at the end of his joke as he shuffled his half of the deck. 

Tsunade, who was in the midst of shuffling her own half, froze at the words from the blond. Did he know? Naruto noticed and spoke. 

"Gauging your reaction, you know exactly who I am. Glad to know all three Sannin are well acquainted with my existence, then again Orochimaru probably curses my name to this second. I mean, I almost killed the bastard and then he went up against the old man, how stupid does he have to be?" He flipped over a card and saw an ace of clubs. Tsunade flipped her own card over and saw a two of hearts. "And they call him a genius, yeah right." 

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