Chapter 32: Wills

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"Sayuri-chan, let's see which one of us is stronger, LOSER DIES!"

Those words were ended as a pulse shot from Naruto's body, the stone around him being turned into rubble as the small tower that Nagato once resided in was destroyed, Sayuri being pushed back but she quickly encased herself within the ribcage of her Susanoo, shielding herself of any real damage besides shock at such raw power that the blond she once knew wielded.

Did she stand a chance? 

Her thoughts died as Naruto was suddenly in front of her Susanoo, his right hand glowing a bright yellow that flickered only slightly before rearing it back, and with a smirk that sent chills down the Uchiha's spine, slammed his fist into the purple chakra and that sent her flying out of her protective shield and through the destroyed remains of the Hidden Rain. 

"What's wrong Sayuri-chan?" Naruto said with a sinister playful tone, his eyes wide and bloodshot as a grin adorned his face. For a second she saw the old Naruto she knew in the academy grinning, filled with happiness, and her small smile disappeared as it was replaced by the current Naruto, whose grin was crazed. "I thought this was exactly what you wanted!" 

"Grrgh," She grunted out as she sent out a burst of lightning that enveloped Naruto, who barely flinched as he withstood the lightning attack. She quickly jumped back, watching as the teen before her simply met her eyes with those crystal blue eyes seeped with madness. 

She quickly went through a series of hand seals before blowing out a large dragon head made of fire into the air. It circled in the air twice before heading straight towards Naruto, who simply held his hand up. Sayuri watched in dismay as the dragon head disappeared into what seemed to be Naruto's palm.

"Why thank you, Sayuri-chan," Naruto chirped as he took a step forward. "That chakra will be the same chakra that I'm going to use on you now. Even if it's just a little bit," His eyes seemed to glow before he slapped his hands together, his grin suddenly growing wider than ever as his hand suddenly shot in the air. "Since you started using copied techniques, allow me to show you a technique that you probably already know of," He sneered. "Sasuke invented it, and as the only one who can remember him, I will honor him by using his jutsu to demolish you FUCKING FAKE!" He screamed as lightning struck his hand, coming down from the thundering clouds above.

 The crackle of the lightning pierced both Naruto's and Sayuri's ears, who could only look on in terror. That was the same technique she had used to beat Itachi! How could Naruto know this? She invented it! Who was this Sasuke? Did they make the same technique? She cursed. Too many questions and too few answers once again.

She cursed again, breaking her train of thought as she suddenly encased herself with the uppers half of her Susanoo. Ths same thing Itachi had done. . .

"Now die!" Naruto roared over the crackle of lightning as a dragon suddenly appeared from the lightning bolts. "KIRIN!" The lightning shot towards Sayuri as she reinforced her Susanoo with chakra. 

Naruto watched as the Kirin enveloped the Susanoo, his grin now gone and replaced with a firm frown. He stepped forward and saw purple chakra through the remnants of the smoke and knew Sayuri had survived. 

Sayuri was panting hard, her Eternal Mangekyou straining. She only survived due to the fact that she had pushed a ridiculous amount of chakra into her Susanoo, strengthening it. Is that what Itachi had done against her? 

 Her narrowed eyes met Naruto's mismatched blue and rinnegan eyes. He wasn't grinning anymore, any trace of madness erased from his face. "How do you know that move?" She said between gasps. 

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