Chapter 8: Green Leaf

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"And you're absolutely sure?" Naruto nodded. 

"If nothing has changed about that situation, then yes. Orochimaru will kill the Kazekage and take his place and then manipulate his shinobi as well as Suna's to do a joint attack. This attack claimed several lives, including yours." Naruto spoke in a serious tone, pacing back and forth in the Hokage's Office. 

"Hm, this is indeed troubling." Hiruzen said as he smoked on his pipe. "I'll see what preparations can be done. And you said you will taking care of a spy?" Naruto nodded.

"Kabuto Yakushi, one of the key reasons we actually lost the war. I want to deal with him, personally." Naruto spoke the last word in such a dark tone that even Hiruzen felt a shiver crawl up his spine as Naruto left his office. 

Perhaps he should ask Inoichi to take a look into Naruto's mind? 

Naruto walked into the building where the First Exams were to be held and frowned. He saw Sayuri and Sakura waiting at some type of door where Genins were currently being held up by what looked like two brats standing in front of the entrace. 

Two, obviously fake, brats stopping several Genins from entering a very fake room. Not even speaking once, Naruto grabbed the wrist of both Sayuri and Sakura and dragged them away. 

"What are you doing, Naruto?" Sakura whispered semi-angrily. Naruto didn't respond, he kept dragging them away from the crowd that was getting bigger by the second. Sayuri yanked her wrist from his grasp, rubbing it slightly with a scowl.

"What the hell is wrong with you, dobe?" She whispered to him angrily, glaring at him. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"And the Uchiha couldn't see past an obvious genjutsu? Come on, you're both better than this." Naruto muttered under his breath as he shoved his hands in his pockets. "Come on, we have places to be." 

"Please wait!" An overjoyous voice practically boomed as Rock Lee, a student of Might Guy, jumped into view. "I wish to say something to the beautiful Sayuri and Sakura!" Naruto would've laughed if it wasn't for his current track of thoughts the train known as his mind was currently going down at heightened speeds. 

"Lee, don't be greedy," Naruto spoke in a bored tone. "Choose one and I can have the other," Sakura and Sayuri both turned a bright red, both of them slapping Naruto at once, who only took it with a small smile.

"Kidding, I don't want either of you." Another slap. "WHICH IS IT? DO YOU WANT ME TO WANT YOU OR DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE YOU ALONE?" He shouted comically. 

"We want you to shut up," Sayuri said, turning away from the blonde, though the blush on her face didn't decrease. 

"Idiot," Sakura said, nodding in agreement with Sayuri. Rock Lee, who was confused for a moment, quickly sent them a flashy grin with his thumb up in the air. 

"If I must choose, then I choose Sayuri-chan!" Naruto openly laughed, earning a Sharingan glare from Sayuri.

"Don't laugh dobe," Naruto shook his head. 

"It's actually pretty hilarious. Lee, why don't you go join back with Neji and Tenten? I'm sure they're probably worrying about where you are, and Tenten won't be happy when she finds out you're flirting with Sayuri-chan over here." 

Lee paled at the thought of an angry Tenten but quickly got over the image in his head. "I do not care! My love for Sayuri-chan does not vanish at the thought of my female teammate!" 

"Welp, I tried." Naruto said, waving off Sakura and Sayuri who could only look at him with a dumbfounded expression on their faces. "Good luck, I gotta go threaten some people." 

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