Chapter 27: Darker

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"Shit," Deidara cursed as he fled further into the large forest, trying to escape what could only be described as a demon. He fed his hands some more clay as he prepared to make another clay bird that had been taken down when he had tried to flee the first time. 

'Sasori-senpai was broken into a thousand pieces!' Deidara thought to himself as he threw the clay forward and hopped onto the bird, trying to replace his arm with the extra clay he kept in a sealing scroll he carried in his pocket. 'I can't even imagine what he's going to do to me!' 

"Running away? How boring do you get?" A monotone voice spoke from behind Deidara's ear as the bird exploded, hurling Deidara through the air as he crashed into the dirt, scuffing up his Akatsuki uniform, the black cloaks with red clouds now torn to shreds with giant burnt marks on the fabric. 

Deidara scanned the area and scowled, throwing off his cloak to reveal a blue outfit with a fishnet shirt underneath. "Show yourself, you bastard!" He shouted, his voice echoing in the vast sea of trees, the leaves above providing a shade that shielded his eyes from the shining sun above. 

"You know," The same voice spoke again seemingly coming from every direction Deidara could possibly think. "I almost killed you last time, I mean, seeing you sit on Gaara's body was unforgivable. However, apparently, you kamikazed yourself trying to kill Sasuke, you failure." 

"Grgh," Deidara growled from his grit teeth as he suddenly found his right arm being separated from his body as he let out a small scream of pain before a foot hit him in the chin, knocking him back onto the ground, his back hitting the dirt with a loud thud. 

He tilted his head forward and saw a figure with a sword in their right hand, a hood draped over their head, the only part of his face that he could see were the vermillion red eyes with elongated pupils going vertically. 

"Where'd your loud mouth go? Art is an explosion, that's your catchphrase, right? You said it a lot as I took Sasori apart piece by piece. For a duo your teamwork kind of sucked, how come? You train right? Or did your arrogance believe that you were strong enough to live in a world where the strong eat the weak alive?" The figure said. With a swipe, the sword cut through Deidara's legs and making Deidara now limbless as he screamed in agony. 

The figure took two steps forward and bent down, resting his elbows on his knees as he hovered over the Iwa missing-nin. "But I digress, art is an explosion, right? I disagree. Art is not eternity like Sasori's version or large explosions like yours, in my humble opinion, art is fighting an opponent and dominating them completely until you get the watch the life leave their eyes. I don't enjoy killing people I don't know just as much as I do to the people I do. And guess what Deidara?" 

A sword pierced Deidara's stomach, going into the ground beneath the blond bomber. "I know you pretty well, probably more than you think. I'm going to enjoy this," The figure held up a hand as it began glowing a bright blue. "Don't worry, it'll hurt a lot and then you'll die." He shoved his hand into the man's chest, it slicing into him like a hot knife through butter. 

Deidara's eyes widened as blood immediately erupted from his mouth. His blue eyes widened as he met those demon-like red eyes and his eyes slowly got dull before his head fell back down, the life leaving his body. 

"Now Gaara is safe," The figure said as he slowly took the hood off of his head, revealing spiky blond hair. Naruto looked up at the sky. "Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori, and now Deidara. He glanced at Deidara's deceased body and took his sword that was protruding out of the bomber's body. 

"Your filthy blood doesn't deserve to wet my blade," Naruto spoke with disgust lacing his tone. Sheathing his blade, Naruto turned around. "My mission is complete, I think my training trip is over now. Time to go back home," He let a small smile grace his lips as the red vermillion eyes faded to bright sky blue. 

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