Chapter 17: Kin

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Naruto swung the door open and was greeted to the sight of two men, one large man with blue skin and a large sword on his back and beady black eyes. The other was a much smaller man with raven-black hair, the same color as Sayuri's, with two bangs framing his face and the rest of his hair tied into a thin ponytail going down his neck. 

Both wore the same black cloak with red clouds. Naruto smirked. 

"Hello, Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki. Why don't you sit down while we have a little chat?" He said, opening the door fully and inviting them in. He gestured to two wooden chairs. "Come on in, don't be shy. I don't have anything trapped, your Sharingan can probably already see that though." Naruto said, seeing Itachi's Sharingan scanning the room.

"Itachi, why don't you just let me cut the brat's legs off? It'll be much easier than you think. After the screaming is done we can patch his stumps and drag him back to HQ, sound like a plan?" Naruto scoffed.

"Don't be a rude guest, Kisame. I've invited you both in to talk, whether you wish to cut my legs off after is up to you. Now please, I insist, sit down." Itachi glanced at Kisame before nodding towards the chairs. 

"Why do you wish to sit and talk? You already know our identities. . ." Itachi asked calmly as he sat down, his emotionless Sharingan eyes looking deep into Naruto's soul, but the blond didn't waver. 

"I do. I also know everything about both of you." Naruto said with a smile. He looked Itachi directly in the eyes. "And I do mean everything." Itachi's eyes only widened a fraction, not noticeable by a civilian or a trained shinobi who wasn't looking at it. 

But Naruto was waiting for it. 

"Heh, what do you know brat?" Kisame said in an amused tone. "It's not hard to read a Bingo Book, you just need to learn how to read. Though judging on your appearance it seems you might struggle with that." 

"That's uncalled for and mean, but fair enough fish face." Naruto countered. "Now to prove my very obvious and perhaps obnoxious claim." He sat up firmly on the bed and took a deep breath. "You both work for the Akatsuki, an organization based in the Hidden Rain and with ten S-Ranked criminals who go out on missions in pairs of twos. Your main objective is to capture the Nine Tailed-Beasts within the shinobi nations and after that neither of you truly know." 

He turned to Kisame. "You want a world of truth instead of a world filled with lies. Itachi, you want your little sister to kill you and bring honor back to the clan. Do I have your interest?" Kisame immediately began standing up but was stopped as Itachi held up his hand, halting the missing ninja from Kiri. 

"Go on," Itachi commanded with narrowed eyes. How had this boy known? Only three people knew of this, and one of them was dead. "What do you want? What's your endgame from telling us this?" 

"Well," Naruto grinned. "I was hoping to come to some type of arrangement. You see, I have some details on the future that you may like. Like Itachi, maybe trusting Danzo wasn't such a good idea and maybe you should put him down permanently. And Kisame, stop listening to Madara, he's not Madara. If you continue down your path you'll end up eaten by your own sharks." 

"And how do you know this? How are we to just trust you?" Naruto shrugged.

"Have I been wrong yet?" Both missing ninja paused. He hadn't been wrong yet. Everything he said had been accurate, scarily accurate. "And Itachi, I'll allow your plan with Sayuri to come to fruition. It will help her grow despite the pain you've caused." 

"What do you mean?" Naruto glared at Itachi, unnerving the Uchiha despite it being a literal Genin. 

"Despite your many crimes, your unforgivable one was pushing all that trauma onto Sayuri and the trauma that will come once your actions are revealed in their truest of forms." 

"Wait," Itachi interrupted. "You said something about Madara not being Madara. What do you mean?" Naruto crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Madara Uchiha is dead. The one who helped you kill your clan was an impostor who comes close to Madara's true power back when he was alive. Though with Madara's Rinnegan I doubt he's even come close." 

"But Madara already has a Rinnegan?" Naruto froze. 

"What did you just say?" 

Itachi cleared his throat. "Madara, or the fake one, already has a Rinnegan." Naruto felt his limbs go weak. 

"No, that can't be. There's no way, he couldn't have. He's dead!" Was he? Was Madara alive and well? 

"Does Pain still have both Rinnegan?" Naruto suddenly asked. Itachi gave him a weird look before nodding. 

"Yes, he has both Rinnegan. If you would please share your thoughts it would be much appreciated." Naruto clutched his blond locks. 

"There's a third Rinnegan out there, someone has a new Rinnegan!" He shouted. "But there's no way, no one in this timeline could've had another Rinnegan! Did Madara awaken the Rinne-Sharingan before his death on his forehead and give it to someone else? To his successor? It's a possibility. But there's no way. No way he could've, he would've needed the power of the Sage of Six Paths and that doesn't happen until he has the chakra of all Nine Tailed-Beasts which he doesn't or else we'd all be in an illusion right now." He mumbled quickly. 

"Slow down kid, you're giving me a headache." Naruto snapped back to attention before he heard a bunch of birds chirping. 

"Well, it seems that our conversation has come to an end. I hope you both consider what I've said here today, but helping the Akatsuki and damning your own family will lead to nothing but more suffering." 

"Noted." Both missing ninja said before Sayuri crashed through the glass window, her right hand enveloped in lightning. 

"Itachi!" She screamed in anger, her Sharingan burning with fury. "Today is the day I kill you!" 

"Foolish little sister, you're still as impatient as ever." Itachi whispered as he shifted his eyes into its Mangekyou form. "Allow me to teach you a thing or two about patience and humility." Naruto watched with pained eyes as he grabbed Sayuri by her neck after dodging the Chidori easily and slamming her into the wall. "Tsukuyomi." 

In an instant, Sayuri fell to the ground, unconscious while Itachi had a trail of blood going down his cheek. "I guess you'll still do what you wish despite my warnings," Naruto said sadly. "Very well. I won't stop you. You'll shape Sayuri into whatever she becomes though." 

"Then I trust you'll be there to save her from the darkness." Itachi responded cooly before the door shot open.

"Beware for it is I, Jiraiya of the Three Legendary Sannin!" By the time he had finished his intro, Itachi and Kisame had already fled, leaving Naruto standing in shock at Jiraiya's entrance, a confused old toad hermit, and an unconscious Uchiha. 

Shinobi were weird, Naruto thought. 

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