Chapter 1-3: The Strongest Weapon

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Ayanokōji's POV

Our second day of school - well, technically our first day of class, was mostly spent going over the course objectives. All of our class was listening with completely blank expressions except for Kururugi, who appeared to be much more invested in the explanations than everyone else. I'd expected the classes to be quite intense, but they were very laid-back; so laid-back that it was suspicious.

I took in the relaxed atmosphere and soon it was lunchtime. After sensei left we could hear all the students from the other classes disappearing from the school building. Class E, however, made no movements after our instructor left. I suppose, due to the nature of our class, no one has had a chance to make new acquaintances.

"Can I share some knowledge while everyone is here?"

I decided to take the initiative and speak up for the first time.

"Of course. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon, after all." Sora said with his signature grin.

I proceeded to recount the events that occurred the previous day, when Sudō, Light and I were confronted by three upperclassmen and how they had implied that they knew he was in Class D just from the way he acted and that we would 'be in hell soon'.

"Though it was just some upperclassmen mocking one of the new students, I think we can deduce quite a bit from what they said." I finished my explanation.

The other Class E students took a minute or so to think through everything I had told them. Before long, Sora asked me a question.

"You said that they were very deliberate with their emphasis on the word 'defective,' right?"

"That's right." I replied.

"Hmm... Could it be that this school purposely accepts lesser students and sorts them all into Class D?" Sora mused.

"I doubt they would do that, it seems a bit too shallow. Thinking about what we've learned today and taking into account the deductions we made on the first day..." Lelouch began, "Perhaps your class is a sign of status? Like, being in Class A is a sign of superiority whereas Class D is viewed as a 'defective' class?"

"I feel like we're still missing a piece. If anything, we can probably confirm that the closer your Class' letter is to A, the more elite you're viewed as, with the lowest class, Class D, viewed as the trash of the school. It probably somehow ties in to our discussion yesterday about classes competing against each other somehow but we're missing a crucial link to piece it all together." Sora said.

Sora was right. While we certainly had some clues - the fact that Ishihara-sensei said it would be an issue if we were all put into one of the normal classes together, and the fact that upperclassmen students view Class D as 'defective.' I had no doubt that these hints were linked somehow but, as Sora said, we were still missing a vital piece of the picture.

"It would be cruel for students to be arbitrarily sorted into Class D, and then treated as defective for the next three years." Shiro said in her voice which was almost a whisper.

In a normal classroom, her voice would probably be drowned out by classroom ambience like phones and chatter during this time. However, Class E is usually silent and there is never more than one person talking at a time. If anything, it makes discussion in our class very easy and inclusive, even for someone like me who hasn't had much social experience.

"I agree. Hey Ayanokōji, do you think it's possible that those upperclassmen were simply talking nonsense?" Light addressed me, probably because I was the one present with him at the time.

"It's doubtful. Something like that isn't something a person would just say for no reason. Also, the upperclassmen were right in their 'deduction' that Sudō is in Class D which means that even if they were just saying random things to trick us first-years, it would only have a 25 percent chance of working considering there are normally four classes. And from the way they were acting, there must've been some reason for them to believe that there was a good chance Sudō is in Class D purely based on their short interaction."

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