Chapter 5-2: The Sports Festival

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Ayanokōji's POV

The first of the month rolled around before the students knew it, and it was that time again already.

After having gone near-enough a full month without any school classes, many found it jarring to attend them now that school restarted. Once a routine is broken, it can be difficult to simply fall back into it again.

The turnover of a new month also meant other things that were unique to this school. My student account was topped up with 83,200 fresh private points, bringing my balance up to a respectable total of 205,000 .

Additionally, as certain people, such as myself, wearily shuffled up to their classrooms after what was certainly a late night caused by the lack of mandatory waking times, they were bound to notice something that had changed since the last time they were here.

Indeed, the nameplate on the door to my classroom no longer labelled it as 'Class D'. Rather, it read 'Class B'.

After the island special exam, our class soared up in points, effortlessly passing both the previous Class C and Class B. However, allotment of private points and changes in the class hierarchy are only calculated on the first day of each new month.

As a result, despite the fact that we had been on more class points than Ichinose's class for a considerable length of time now, we had only just been officially promoted to Class B.

I stepped inside, and it seemed like today, I was the last to arrive. I walked over to my desk and sat down next to Lelouch, who seemed to have about as much energy as a zombie on sleeping pills.

"Stayed up late?" I asked.

His amethyst eyes lazily drifted over to meet mine.

"You don't even want to know the terrors I experienced yesterday," he answered, sending a traumatised glance to Kururugi.

Before long, our beloved homeroom teacher, Ishihara-sensei, walked into the room looking sullen and deflated.

"O-Oi what's the matter, sensei?!" Sora exclaimed.

"I-I..." Ishihara-sensei stuttered, trying to repress tears from pouring out of her eyes. "I missed you guys so much!"

"... eh?"

"I was all by myself with no one to talk to for sooooooo long!"

"What about the other teachers?" Light's puzzlement carried over in the tone of his question.

Ishihara pouted. "They've all been working here together for ages! This is my first year ever! I feel like a fifth wheel!"

"C-Calm down Sensei, everybody is back now."

Lelouch's sleep-deprived words of comfort seemed to brighten Ishihara up a little.

"You're right, everything is fine no~w."

Like that, a flip was switched, and her mood did a complete 180.

I had to ask myself whether this grown woman who acted like a child was putting on an act, or whether this was genuinely how she was.

Back on the cruise ship, she had shown me a glimpse of her more serious side, which was often masked behind a carefree attitude.

Certainly, there exists people who are usually laid-back and flippant, but who can also act seriously when the situation calls for it.

However, this sensei's personality was exaggerated far beyond what could be described as merely 'laid-back'.

As I was pondering her very existence, she pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. By now, we all recognised what this was before it was even laid out and stuck to the blackboard.

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