Chapter 3-8: Conclusion Of The Desert Island Exam

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Ayanokōji's POV

After I complete my final path around the island, to get 10 last bonus points before the end of the exam, I returned to the base camp where I discovered that Shiina had vanished.

She'd probably dropped out on Ryūen's orders. There was no point in her remaining here, after all.

The results of the exam would probably be announced in about an hour or two, so I decided to go and talk a walk to Class B and E's base camp while I waited for everyone to wake up.

Two days ago, Lelouch had successfully struck a deal with Class B and E, stating that we would give them the identity of Class A's leader with no strings attached. This was because Class A was in a much better position than Class B, C and E, so we decided to attack them a little.

The only condition on the deal was that us in Class D would allow Ichinose Honami and Horikita Suzune to watch as we wrote our guess for Class A's leader. This was to ensure that we weren't lying to them.

I decided to go and fetch Ichinose and Horikita now. By the time I'd walk all the way to the starting beach, do my business with two of them and walk back, everybody would likely be awake. Roll call would come not much longer after that.

The only issue was that Ichinose and Horikita couldn't afford to be absent during roll call. This meant that I'd have to coax Ishihara-sensei into allowing us to fill in the section earlier than usual.

The homeroom teachers will all be at the beach at this time. Therefore, it made sense to approach Ishihara-sensei there.

It was still quite dark, as the rain clouds from yesterday's stormy night had not yet fully cleared. The blue skies were dark and overcast. As a result, traversing the forest was harder than usual, especially since it was still damp from the earlier downpour.

"Yahoo! Kiyotaka!"

I swivelled my head to the side, towards the source of a voice which called out to me from across the clearing I was in, and immediately spotted a familiar figure.

"Speak of the devil and she will appear..." I muttered.

I'd just been thinking about her, and then here she was, clad in her signature casual clothes. Amazingly, even though it was cold, windy and damp, Ishihara-sensei had no qualms about wearing a skirt.

The remnants of last night's storm caused her pale green waist-length hair to flutter to the side, producing a particularly wonderous effect. Her piercing oceanic eyes, which matched her outfit, beamed brightly as she skipped over to me, clipboard in hand.

 Her piercing oceanic eyes, which matched her outfit, beamed brightly as she skipped over to me, clipboard in hand

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On the first day of this island exam, Ishihara-sensei had began calling me 'Kiyotaka,' rather than 'Ayanokōji' because she wanted to become closer to her students. I didn't have any particular objection, so I'd allowed it. I hadn't really seen her since, though, so hearing someone refer to me by that name was unexpectedly jarring.

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