Chapter 4.5-3: Games Are Surprisingly Fun

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Ayanokōji's POV

As I retraced the path I'd taken with Sakayanagi yesterday, I took a moment to properly consider everything.

In the moment, I had been far too drained from the back-to-back special exams to think about it properly.

It was, of course, a massive surprise to discover that Class A's leader, Sakayanagi Arisu, was aware of the White Room's existence.

I was sure that, if I weren't already familiar with the uneasy feeling Ryuzaki gave me, I would've frozen up momentarily at the time.

However, beyond that, Sakayanagi appeared to be one of the greatest students in the school ability-wise.

Although brief, Sakayanagi had displayed a high level of mental understanding and maturity when we spoke.

Additionally, just the fact that she was the leader of Class A alone was proof enough of her capability.

Sakayanagi seems to have not been idle during the year so far - although Class A has been quiet, Sakayanagi was gathering information and sizing up her enemies.

She was aware of Shiro's excellent specialty in calculation skills, for example. Even though it wasn't exactly being kept a secret, it was still a bit surprising to hear come so nonchalantly from a stranger.

The Zodiac special exam probably accounted for a large portion of scouted intel held by the classes at the moment.

Classes were forced to sit together and interact; this meant that it was easy to scrutinise individual students for their personality and behaviour.

Sakayanagi had likely instructed her supporters to collect information while they were away. I would've done the same in her position, after all.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Sakayanagi had a hand in sabotaging Class A from the shadows during the previous two special exams, intending to leverage control of the class from Katsuragi.

I had a feeling it was something she would do.

I arrived at Keyaki Mall, and made my way to the karaoke parlour.

The rental karaoke rooms at this school were extremely useful for a wide variety of things.

Firstly, they were private, which meant you could conduct business away from prying eyes. There were also no cameras in the rooms themselves, which made it an ideal meeting spot it you, for some reason, needed to hide from the school.

The reason I was heading there today, though, was a lot simpler. The karaoke rooms were great for letting loose and having fun without having to worry about disturbing others.

Or, in Sora's case, it was the perfect place to play a game without the other classes spying on you.

I arrived at the parlour, and approached the room Sora had specified in his messages.

I knocked on the door and, after a brief wait, it opened from inside, revealing a skinny, maroon-haired boy with unkempt clothes on and a girl's hand clasped in his.

"Kiyotaka! Long-time no see!"

Sora seemed to view the time between yesterday afternoon and now as a long time.

Perhaps, for shut-ins who had long-since lost their track of time, and who were literally never out of each other's sight, being apart for a day did seem long.

"Hey." I greeted the pair of siblings before me.

"Come in! Lelouch is already here."

Other than me, Lelouch had also been invited to partake in whatever devious game Sora had organised.

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