Chapter 3-9: Blank's Obstacle To Overcome

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Ayanokōji's POV

"So, this is the fabled swimsuit episode..."

Sora sighed in content as he rested his eyes on the grouping of swimsuit-clad students playing in the on-deck pool from our spot on the poolside, sat around a circular table situated just next to the cold drinks bar.

"Now I'm just waiting for one of them to have an 'accident' and have to cover their breasts with their hand!"

"Nii, that only happens in doujinshi."

Shiro shot him down from her position on his lap, to his dismay.

"A-are you sure that none of them might not have 'accidentally' gotten a size too small?"

"I'm sure. Girls aren't that careless about those things."

"B-but what about my dream swimsuit episode?!"

I observed this exchange between the peculiar siblings in silence, not entirely sure why I was even here.

I'd been dragged out of bed by these two, my roommates on the ship, for breakfast, and had eventually ended up here, sitting by the pool with drinks.

I briefly pondered about what the other four Class D students were doing right now. Speaking of, we were presumed to be promoted to Class B quite soon. It was currently August 11, which means that the class rankings would be update in twenty-one days assuming that we don't endure a drop due to some form of misconduct, or even another special exam.

Three days had passed since the test on the deserted island and the students had spent the time in bliss as a peaceful lull set in. While I found it unlikely that the school would spring another special exam on us this quickly, the possibility definitely couldn't be discounted.

It seems that the boys, like Sora, who were in the prime time of their youth, had begun succumbing to their carnal urges after having lost their rational judgement due to the long and arduous task of surviving on an island like we had. We boys had collectively began to expect a destined experience with the girls.

Besides, I've already heard quite a few stories of students hooking up with each other on this cruise and new couples being born every other day. Unfortunately, that sort of encounter is unlikely to happen with me and I continue to spend this time in relative solitude.

"Are you sure you don't want to go for a little play in the water, Sora?" I asked, motioning to the pool.

Sora followed my gesture to where Kushida and her friends were enjoying their summer vacation to the fullest. Kushida's swimsuit was especially erotic, perfectly highlighting her curves and generous proportions.

"While I'd love to go and join Kushida, I think that Class D has wordlessly agreed to leave her for you, you know?" He retorted with his signature sly grin.

I sighed. I don't know how it'd happened, but it seemed that one of my classmates had caught on to my connection with Kushida at some point and it had now become a primary topic among them.

While at first I found it disconcerting, it seems that all they're doing is exaggerating what they perceive as us being acquainted in some way. My classmates should have no suspicions about my actual relationship with Kushida.

"As I've said before, there is nothing going on between me and Kushida."

"Yeah, right." Sora said sarcastically.

"If Nii actually suspected that Ayanokōji had such a cute girlfriend, he wouldn't be so calm about it." Shiro interjected with an unexpectedly sadistic grin.

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