Chapter 5-5: Joining Class A

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Light's POV

Class B never ended up meeting for another discussion after the results of the ballots were announced. However, everybody likely understood that things had gone more or less according to plan.

The only concern was that our plans for Blank and Kururugi ended up being swapped around - I wasn't too concerned about Kururugi, as his ideals seemed to match well with those of Class C, and more specifically, Ichinose. I couldn't exactly say the same for Sora and Shiro, though.

The pair that cowered before violence had been placed in the class ruled by a violent tyrant. Judging by the fact that Ayanokōji had definitely voted for Kururugi's assignment to Class C, as per the plan, but he had not actually ended up going there, it was safe to say that this result was intentional by Ryūen.

Us Class B students were instructed to simply go to our new temporary classes instead at the start of the school day. Now, in the early hours of the morning, that time had come.

As I stepped into my new classroom, I felt immediate attention on me.

"Hey! Yagami-kun!"

A group of Class A girls that I had established a connection with in the past called out to me. In response, I gave them a smile and a wave.

It seemed like the school had added two extra desks to the classroom for me and Ryuzaki to sit at. They were located to the side of the room, outside of the usual structure of desks.

I had to admit that the room felt a little claustrophobic – I had become so used to a classroom of this size but with only six other students that a normal classroom felt overbearing.

Ryuzaki had already arrived, and was perched in his odd seating position at one of the desks already. He looked out of place, and was looked at strangely by a number of the Class A students.

I walked over to him, and sat at the other desk beside him.

"It's troublesome that they put our desks off to the side like this, isn't it? I bet you feel like an animal in a zoo," I laughed.

Ryuzaki gave a nod of agreement. "I wonder whether the school did this in every class, or whether it was a deliberate choice by her," he directed his gaze over to Sakayanagi Arisu, who was sat elegantly at the back of the room.

She noticed us looking, and sent us a pleasant smile.

I've heard that this smile masks a cunning and underhanded individual, but how dangerous can a girl like her really be?

"Don't be too sceptical," Ryuzaki seemed to notice the thoughts written on my face. "Appearances can often be deceiving."

As a detective himself, Ryuzaki was probably more than familiar with this subject. However, despite that, him lecturing me with such flawed advice still managed to irk me.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "That's all the more reason to be sceptical of how people look on the surface. I thought you of all people would know that."

He looked a little surprised at my outright rebuttal.

"That is only partially true."

Only partially true? What in the world is he talking about?

"It is always best to assume that anybody is capable of anything, regardless of how they look. You're right in this regard. However, it's dangerous to assume the opposite; that somebody isn't a threat, just based on their appearance."

It's an often repeated rhetoric that your perception of a person is almost entirely decided within the first ten seconds or so after you meet them. How they look, dress, carry themselves, and so on.

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