Chapter 3-4: Leaders On A Desert Island

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Ayanokōji's POV

On the third day, I got myself up early and headed out to occupy the hut and tower spots, as always. Last night, Ryuzaki and Light had returned, and then Ryuzaki had stated that he intended to go back to the tower for the night. Light objected, but was eventually forced to accompany him because it'd be dangerous to traverse the forest alone.

"It has to be one of these two people."

Ryuzaki picked up two of the paper slips in front of him and placed them next to each other at the edge of the desk. Totsuka Yahiko and Hayato Kitō.

"Nobody else can be the leader, because they wouldn't have been present at the spots at the right time otherwise." He elaborated.

I looked down at the notebook laid to his side on the desk. I could see the quality of his handwriting degrade over time – it already wasn't great, so by the end it was barely legible. By now, there were a multitude of pairs of numbers that spanned across multiple pages.

"Can we narrow it down further?" Light asked, clearly tired.

"No. If you look at your notes, you'll notice that Yahiko and Kitō always cross together. In other words, we'll never be able to catch either of them at the wrong place to be the leader."

"Which means we'll have to leave it to Sora to confirm the leader's identity, huh."

When I got back from the tower yesterday, Sora had mentioned to me that he knew how we could confirm Class A's leader. He didn't elaborate, but somehow I had faith that he would be able to do it. Ryuzaki and Light weren't present at that time, but they were informed later that night.

"I wonder what he plans to do. He refused to give us the details of his idea." Ryuzaki shifted, an inquisitive look on his face.

I nodded. "He didn't say what it is, but he seemed pretty confident it'll work."

"Well, in that case, our work here is done." Ryuzaki snapped his manual closed as he said that.

Light rolled down his sleeve and checked his watch. "13:20. That means we spent around fourteen hours total monitoring them."

"I told you, didn't I?" Ryuzaki said, stretching has back. "I was confident I had the dedication. I'm quite surprised that you were able to stay committed the whole time too, though, Light."

"I was only here because I had to look after you. If I wasn't here to take turns keeping watch with you while you slept, you would've ended up staying up all night, wouldn't you?"

So, in order to get some sleep while still being able to accurately document any movements, Ryuzaki and Light had taken turns sleeping while the other continues the observation during the night. I couldn't imagine they'd had a good sleep doing that.

"I can't deny that," Ryuzaki said sheepishly.

"Well, while we're out here, do you two want to accompany me? I'm going to go and look around some of the other classes' camps." I offered.

I'd much rather have some company than roam around the island alone. Light would be especially nice to have around, since he was popular and sociable unlike me.

"Well, I suppose we have nothing better to do today." Light sighed, agreeing to join me.

We climbed out of the tower, pocketing the manuals and slips of paper so that no trace of the investigation is left behind. It wouldn't be good if someone stumbled upon the tower and saw the notes while we were away.

"Where should we go first?" Ryuzaki asked as we began walking.

"I don't know but, calculating the approximate time this'll take us, I think we should go to Class A last." I replied.

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