Chapter 3-2: Camping On A Desert Island

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Ayanokōji's POV


I stopped walking just before our class entered the dense woodlands. They all halted too, and turned to look at me.

"What is it?" Light asked.

"I just had a thought. When we select our leader, the teachers are likely going to create our key card here. We should get it done now before we move too far away, in order to get the ability to occupy spots as soon as possible."

I glanced at Ishihara-sensei, who was trailing us from a fair distance. According to the rules of this exam, our homeroom teachers would accompany us for the entire duration. That meant that, once we'd decided on our leader, this woman would be the one to return here and get our key card created.

This island was approximately 500,000 meters squared in size which meant that, if it was a perfect square, it would be just bigger than 700x700 meters. In other words, walking in a straight line across this island would probably take somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes, if you take into account the difficulty of moving in shrubbery.

You could probably traverse the entire island's diameter in around five minutes if you were athletic and ran, but somehow, I felt that our teacher wouldn't go to those lengths for us.

If our spot happened to be on the far side of the island, we could be stuck waiting upwards of thirty minutes for Ishihara-sensei to return with our key card after we chose a leader. That's why it'd be best for us to get our leader sorted now.

"I see... You do certainly have a point." Sora mused, nodding his head.

"If nobody has any objections, I'd like to be the one to get our key card, also. There's a little something I'd like to try." I declared my intentions.

"I'm fine with anybody being the leader except for Lelouch," Ryuzaki replied, his long black hair blowing gently in the wind.

"Why me excluded in particular?" Lelouch asked, raising his eyebrow.

"You're too inconspicuous. Not only are you our representative now, but you're also the most popular one in our class." Light pointed out.

"Yeah, I'd agree. I was just checking that your reasoning was sound."

Choosing Lelouch as our leader would have one of two outcomes. Either it gets guessed because he's the most obvious choice, or the double bluff works and he gets suspected the least. It probably wasn't a risk worth taking, though, since a lot of students wouldn't think this far about it.

"So, can I take it that nobody has any objections to me taking the role of key card user?" I asked, moving things along.

Everybody simply replied by nodding affirmatively. That settled it, then, and I turned around to approach Ishihara-sensei. Just before I left, though, I turned to say one more thing.

"You guys carry on, I'll catch up. I know where you'll be, anyway."

"Huh? How will you know where we are?" Kururugi asked in confusion.

Shiro wore a similar perplexed expression, but the other four seemed to understand what I was getting at.

"Good, that saves us a lot of trouble. Let's get going now, then. See you later, Ayanokōji!" Lelouch bid me farewell, and I watched as his silhouette disappeared into the thicket along with the rest of my classmates.

"Very impressive," A voice said.

I looked back towards the beach, and the source of the voice. The woman with long, pale green hair and piercing blue eyes shot me a dazzling smile after giving me words of praise.

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