Chapter 5-3: Distribution Strategy

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Ayanokōji's POV

During our second homeroom period it has been decided that students across all school years would be having a meeting. Over 400 people, including instructors and students, gathered in the gymnasium. The entire student body from the 1st years up to the 3rd years divided up between the Red Team and the White Team.

I glanced around the room, trying to spot the various important figures among the student body. However, the vast number of students packed into this one gymnasium made it too difficult.

The room was divided between The Red Team and The White Team. As a result, us in Class 1-B, who hadn't yet been assigned to a team, looked out of place as we stood awkwardly in an area that wasn't on either side of the room.

Within both teams, a couple of senior students stepped forwards, drawing attention from everybody, and began addressing the students on their team.

"Isn't this a little intimidating?" Sora murmured to himself.

Indeed, when there were nearly 500 students gathered in a room like this, it was hard to be the only ones not conforming to the division.

We could all feel glances towards us at regular intervals coming from various students. Most of them seemed to be second and third years, who were most curious about our class after reading about the special case in the guidelines of the sports festival.

I glanced over to the students who'd stepped forward to lead each team.

On The Red Team's side, I had expected the student council president, and leader of the third year Class A, Horikita Manabu, to step up. However, this didn't seem to be the case. Like with The White Team, a student who I didn't recognised had took the position instead.

Before long, each team began to further divide, this time between school years. It was natural, of course. The only event that was mixed between grades was the relay at the end; other than that, every event was confined to competition against other students from the same year as you.

As a result, it was only logical that it would be most important to get to know the other class in your grade that's on the same team.

With this further sorting, it became much easier to spot certain individuals among the crowd.

On The White Team's side, there weren't too many students who stood out. Of course, Ichinose and Ryūen were prominent figures among the first years, but the senpais were far less notable.

The second and third years were, after all, dominated by their respective Class As, which all belong to The Red Team. Consequently, you could assume that in terms of leadership and strategy, it was skewed in The Red Team's favour right from the get-go.

"Isn't this a little unfair?" Kururugi, who was also comparing the two sides, seemed to be thinking a similar thing to me.

"You're right. The way the second and third years are split seems very unbalanced," Lelouch responded.

On The Red Team's side, one individual stood out even amongst the others. This was the leader of the second year Class A, and student council vice president, Nagumo Miyabi.

Whereas the other grades' Class A and Class D each had a respective leader shaking hands and discussing their future cooperation, Nagumo stood as a lone ruler addressing every second-year member of The Red Team.

"He has influence, I'll give him that," Light remarked.

"I don't like him at all," Sora glared with hostility.

At that moment, Nagumo glanced over to us with a smile, as if he felt our eyes on him.


Near the start of the year, Sora had discovered that Nagumo had taken advantage of Ichinose by dangling admission to the student council in front of her. I didn't know for certain, but this kind of issue in particular seemed to strike a chord of anger in the spiky-haired boy, who'd held disdain for Nagumo ever since.

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