Chapter 5-9: Battle

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Ayanokōji's POV

Akashi's plan was as straightforward as you could get without having to sacrifice solidity.

One of the crucial elements was the fact that if the commander was eliminated, he is no longer allowed to issue instructions to his team.

As a result, Akashi would be staying at the back of the formation throughout the duration of the game. Also, as an extra measure, I was to take on the role of battlefield leader in the event that Akashi himself was to somehow fall.

Along with Akashi, I myself was also not a part of the team's formation - I was a free-roaming support, revolving around lending aid to any teammates who were struggling.

That left eight students to make up the main structure of our side's formation. Sticking to the theme of how the teams were decided to begin with, Akashi had devised three distinct formations.

The first, and default form, was 'Paper'. In this formation, we would simply fan out in a connected line that spanned the width of the arena. It was the most flexible formation that could change fluidly into the other two, making it ideal for feeling out the opponent.

The next was 'Rock', a defensive formation. It was similar to paper, except this time, the thickness of the line would be two students, rather than one. That meant that the front line of students would be supported by another line right behind them, bolstering the defense.

The third and final formation, 'Scissors', was specifically designed for offense. A narrow arrangement that would remind you of a penetrating blade, 'Scissors' isolated individual enemies within the other team's structure and destroyed it by applying all the pressure to a single link.

Akashi would use his judgement to switch between these three forms throughout the match; for the most part, this was the extent of our tactics.

Once everybody understood the three formations, there should be no confusion or miscommunication between men during the battle. It was a simple plan that had the potential to be deadly if the commander's judgement was spot-on.

Once the explanation was over, our group dispersed. Despite the brief nature of our discussion, it seemed that Lelouch had finished his even before we did.

Horikita, the referee, noticed it, and spoke up.

"I take it both sides are happy with their planning?"

Receiving a chorus of affirmation and no complaints, there was no need to delay the match any further.

"Right, then, all students please line up at the edge of your sides. The whistle will indicate the start of the contest, from which you may do as you please within the confines of the pre-established rules."

Horikita, who's personality was notorious for being cold and aloof, did a surprisingly good job of talking to a group.

I suspected that this had something to do with Class B showing her the error in her ideals, and perhaps also some guidance from the redhead beside me.

We lined up with Akashi and I on opposite ends of the arena's width, and Miyake in the middle. He was put there intentionally so that our formation's biggest power was at the centre, thus distributing the strength equally.

After checking that The Professor was ready to go, and that the female audience was comfortable, Horikita began the countdown.

"3, 2, 1..."

A piercing sound assaulted our eardrums. The shrill of a whistle indicated that the battle was underway immediately.

"Let's go!"

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