Chapter 4.5-2: The Fated Encounter

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Ayanokōji's POV

"It's so nice to finally meet you, Ayanokōji Kiyotaka-kun."

Finally? Sakayanagi made it sound as if she'd been wanting to meet with me for quite a long time, but even if you assume that she'd heard about me and decided she wanted to meet me on the first day of school, would that really be long enough for the word 'finally' to be applicable? I had my doubts.

Additionally, if Sakayanagi had wanted to contact me for a while, then it shouldn't have been hard for her to do so - as one of Class A's spearheads, she should've had plenty of tools at her disposal to acquire my contact information if she so desired.

Katsuragi sent a suspicious look toward Sakayanagi. "Why do you make it sound like you've wanted to meet with Ayanokōji for a long time? Are you conspiring to betray Class A in return for Class D's favour?"

Katsuragi voiced what anyone would view as a valid concern for a class representative, however Sakayanagi merely laughed, as if he was talking nonsense.

"Fufufu, I can assure you that there is nothing for you to worry about, Katsuragi-kun,"

A menacing glint appeared to manifest in Sakayanagi's eye for a moment, as she spoke her next words.

"Besides, even if I were to turn traitor, you aren't in a position to do anything about it anymore, wouldn't you agree?"

Her intimidating remark wasn't wrong; in the event that Katsuragi raised concerns about Sakayanagi's allegiance to his classmates now, he'd almost certainly be written off as a desperate man trying to sabotage his rival after losing almost all of his support.

Despite hearing such a thing that could be interpreted as a threat, Katsuragi's calm exterior did not waver.

"Nobody can say for sure how Class A will turn, and I will not be deterred by anything you say," Katsuragi resolved his spirit.

"How truly resolute of you. You have my respect," Sakayanagi gave a pleasant smile.

If anything, one thing became extremely apparent to me: both these two were very strong personalities.

"Anyway, Katsuragi, could you do me a favour and move along? I wish to speak with Ayanokōji-kun alone,"

Unexpectedly, Sakayanagi declared her desire to speak with me.

What could Class A's likely leader want with me? If she wanted to speak about class matters, she'd obviously approach someone else, like Class D's surface representative, Lelouch.

That being said, Sakayanagi and I had never talked before, which means she can't be interested in discussing a personal matter, either.

Just what was she after? No matter how much I thought, I couldn't find an answer.

Katsuragi raised an eyebrow, "You aren't helping to quell my suspicions by requesting my leave,"

"With all due respect, Katsuragi-kun, you are currently the least credible member of Class A. I'll give you one more chance to bow out graciously, rather than humiliating yourself further," Sakayanagi proclaimed.

Sakayanagi's tone did not match her words.

She spoke in a sweet, bell-like voice, but her words were ruthless, dripping with a vicious acid.

Katsuragi was momentarily too stunned to speak.

Shaking his head, he composed himself, and turned his narrow-eyed gaze over to me.

"Ayanokōji Kiyotaka. Are you after something with Class A?"

"I was just here to go to the store, like I said."

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