Chapter 2-2: Mystery Person

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Sora's POV

The repetitive clacking of two pairs of footsteps was the only sound echoing throughout the empty second-year school building. Around ten minutes prior, I had left the cafeteria after becoming angered by Class E's defective girls clique. I couldn't stand being in their presence for even a second longer.

I walked slowly down the school corridor with my beautiful younger sister, Shiro, while carefully observing my surroundings. I decided to use the rest of my lunch break on the assignment I had been given by Light.

Realistically, Light didn't need me to do this anymore since he had already executed his plan. However, I still thought it'd be best to complete the task just so we'd have the information ready for the future. Also, it wouldn't hurt for him to look more convincing during his trial.

I peered into the final classroom on the corridor and, after looking in for a few seconds, took out a folded A3 sheet of paper from my pocket and used a red marker to write on it.

"That's the last one on this floor, Shiro." I said to my cute little sister who was holding my hand tightly.

"Right," she replied quietly.

She was quieter than normal. It was something that she was trying to hide, and no one but me would've been able to notice the difference. However, I knew everything there was to know about Shiro by now. She couldn't hide anything from me.

"Are you still thinking about lunch earlier?" I asked her softly.

Shiro gave a small nod in reply. Due to her past experiences, Shiro was hit particularly hard by the encounter. I felt my hand tighten on its own around the paper in my hand, but I forced myself to remain calm for Shiro's sake.

"You shouldn't think about it. Our class wouldn't act like that, you know?" I reassured her.


"Yeah. Have more faith in our classmates."

The school wouldn't have allocated someone with aggressive tendencies to our so-called 'genius' class. Furthermore, after being around them for two months now, I could say with certainty that none of our five classmates would ever bully another person.

Shiro and I climbed the staircase to the third floor. On this floor in the first-year block, our classroom was located, which made me mildly curious as to whether there was also an unused classroom on the corresponding floor in the second-year block.

I led Shiro down the corridor, adding markings to my paper as we went. This floor was a staff floor, which meant that most rooms couldn't be mapped, however the most important part was probably the corridor itself. Students wouldn't often find themselves in these staff rooms anyway.

We turned the corner, and I noted down one last marking when I got to the end of the L shape. Sure enough, though, there was an unused classroom lying in wait around the corner of the second-year block third floor as well. This would probably be the room we'd be given during our second year. I looked into the room and added a red marking to the page.

"The roof is the final location, then?" Shiro whispered as we turned around.

"Yeah. Then, we're done."

The roof was locked after hours, but during lunch the students were free to use it. That meant that this was the ideal time to complete the task I'd been assigned. I could get it done all in one go without having to come back to do the roof later.

Shiro and I arrived back at the U-shaped staircase at the end of the main corridor, and ascended upwards toward the roof. As we climbed the stairs, I noticed something odd and stopped Shiro by pulling her hand lightly with mine. She looked at me quizzically.

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