24. Reunion

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Asher POV - 2 Days Later

"Where are you at?" I send him the text as I sit in the damn Airport lobby waiting on his ass to get here. My leg continues to bounce as I look at the clock. I have to be back in two hours.

"Hold your dick. I'm coming. Daddy had to eat." He replies and I shake my head as I reply back.

"You better be talking about food." I roll my eyes and shove my phone back in my pocket.

"Well I definitely swallowed it." I read Ty's reply and don't bother texting back. Still the same Ty I met five years ago. He's something else.

"Let's go slow ass. My long lost best friend needs me." I hear Ty shout from behind me and I stand up and see him walking out the doors. I shake my head and follow after him.


"So Gary was threatening your life. That's why she left and her mom- I can't believe that. Shits crazy in her family. I thought mine was nuts. I was a shitty ass friend when she left." Ty tells me solemnly on our hour and a half car ride back to Cameron's.

"Did she tell you she was leaving?" Ty stays quiet for a moment and his eyes glaze over as if reliving the moment. After a few seconds he looks out the window and replies.

"Yea. She lied to me about why she was leaving. I didn't want to leave or her to and I asked for the truth. I could always tell when she was lying. Some hurtful things were said. She begged me to come with her and the look in her eyes in that moment told me there was more to it. But I didn't listen and we both kept going with the fight and we were both too stubborn to pick up the phone and apologize I guess. Had I known everything then I would have. I just don't understand why she didn't tell me." A moment passes before I can think of a reply.

"Maybe it wasn't just my life she was worried about." I tell him and we don't talk the rest of the drive home.

After Baylor left, Ty and I surprisingly became friends. He was there for me annoyingly despite me telling him to fuck off. The flirtatiousness that was there when Baylor was around completely disappeared after she left. He made me feel as if I had a brother again honestly. Someone who you just want to go away but they keep coming back and you are secretly glad. He's looked out for me more than I realized. I've been sending him updates since I found out about Ashlor. Then Baylor's mom happened and he bought the first plane ticket out.

"This is it." I tell him as we pull into Cam's house. He takes a deep breath and then gets out of the car.

When we walk in everyone is in their rooms except for Ashlor. She is sitting on the couch watching TV. When she hears the door open she peaks her head into the doorway and comes running when she sees me.

"Daddy!" She squeals as she hugs my legs and I pick her up and wrap her in a hug as a smile warms across my face.

"Did you get your friend?" She asks as Ty steps into the doorway and we both look in his direction.

"Well aren't you a stunning mix between your mommy and daddy. You're going to be a heartthrob babygurl." Ty smiles and Ashlor smiles back with a small giggle.

"I know you! I see you in my mommy's picture box with Asher!" Ty smiles and nods his head.

"Yes. Your mommy and I were best bi- uh- friends." I raise an eyebrow at Ty and he shrugs at me innocently.

"How come you never come over?"

"Because I live in Los Angeles and it's allll the way on the other side of the country."

"Well my mommy misses you! She's in her room let's go see her! She's really sad right now so maybe you can make her happier!" Ty's mouth drops as Ashlor grabs his hand and leads the way he looks at me and pucks out his lip in a pouty face. I let them go back alone and a couple minutes later Ashlor walks back out to me.

"Mommy is still crying." She says as she walks back out to the couch and sits down. She pulls her legs up in a cross cross style and folds her hands in her lap.

"Did we get kicked out of our house?" She asks as she looks down at her wringing hands. My heart breaks at the realization that she is struggling with all this too and I walk over to her.

"No. No princess. We're just staying here until Drew moves out and your mommy and Uncle Cam feel better." I tell her as I sit down beside her and wrap my arm around her and she leans into me.

"I miss Drew. Why doesn't he want to see me and mommy anymore? Is that why she is sad?" My heart breaks once again. All I have thought about is how much I hate Drew and how glad I am he's out of the way. I never stopped to see who it may hurt in the process.

"No, Ash. That's not why Bay is sad. We will talk to you about why she is later I promise but not right now. As for Drew, I bet he misses you very much. Who couldn't?" I ask as I tickle her lightly and she lets out a small giggle. Then I stop and continue seriously. "Sometimes people come into your life and it's amazing and you should be grateful for every moment you get to spend with the people who make you happy. If Drew makes you happy, hold on to your memories of him and he will hold onto yours. You might see him again or you might not princess. Just know him leaving is on him, not anything you did and we both love you very much." I tell her and kiss her forehead as a tear falls down her rosy cheek and she buries her head in my breaking chest.


Baylor POV

"Mommy?" I hear Mia call out from my closed door. I want to answer her, to put on a smile and make her feel better. But my body doesn't move from the fetal position in my bed. She hollers again but all I hear is static as I pull the blanket over my head and ignore the sounds floating around me. The sound of a gun cocking blasts through my room and I throw the blankets off so quick it makes me nauseous and I realize it was just the sound of Mia opening the door.

I gasp when I notice the person she's pulling hand in hand behind her and before I can stop it I erupt into an uncontrollable sob. Mia looks at Ty to me confused and he smiles at her before walking to me.

He doesn't hesitate as he sits down beside me and wraps me in his arms.


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