25. Nostalgia

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Baylor POV

"Come here bitch." Is all he says before we wrap each other in a hug as I sob into his arms. Five years without my best friend to talk to- to rely on- to be there for- that has been the toughest part of getting through all of this. And I do not deserve him or Asher to be here with me right now.

"I've put everyone through so much pain. My mom, you, Asher, Drew, Mia...Why are you here? why is anyone?" I sob as my legs give out but my body doesn't move. He's holding me tightly against his chest and he's not letting go.

"I forgive you. Now forgive yourself...Let's bring ourselves back to the ground. Breathe in. Let yourself know that you are not responsible for the actions of other people. Breathe out. Feel your emotions and let them flow away." I don't know why but for some reason I start laughing. Like really laughing. To the point I'm no longer drying my tears but new ones are rolling down my face after I clutch my stomach in pure enjoyment. I look at Tys face, his dark eyebrows are scrunched together so tight they make an m on his forehead and he slowly raises one brow like he's looking at a psych patient. Probs should have been. This just makes me laugh harder and then he starts dying of laughter as well. Damn I missed this.

"Don't come at me with that mindfulness shit. Where's Tyler Stone. I tried to get you to meditate and do yoga so many times in high school!" I continue laughing and he attempts to spit out his sentence through our laughter.

"He has done some self developing. But I'm still that bitch." He smarts off and we laugh a little more before calming down.

"I'm sor-"

"Shut the fuck up bitch and give me another hug. I don't want to hear a stupid ass word come out of your mouth I just want you." he interupts me and I laugh again as he wraps his arms around me.

"I shouldn't have just let you leave like that. It was my fault too. Let's forget about that now and be grateful that we're together. I'm so sorry for what you have been and are going through. I love you bitch." He says and I laugh as a few tears stream down my cheek and we pull away from the hug.

"I missed you so much. I'm so thankful you're here. I love you loser." I let off a small giggle as we head towards the bedroom door.

"You know I would have ran that school if I didn't choose to stay by your side." He gives me a wink and I push him away as we both laugh. He opens the door and I follow him out into the living room.

"So Asher and Leah are going to stay here while me you and Cam go get some of your things from your house. Asher told me what's been going on. I'm going to kick Drew's ass." Ty says as we enter the living room where everyone is sitting in silence.

"You won't have to if I'm coming." Cameron says in a dark tone as he stairs ahead out of the living room window. His hands clench into fists as his leg bounces.

"Cam don't start anything while you're there. You have enough going on you don't need to add to it." Leah assures him and for some reason her words piss me off. He's not a child and he sure as hell can handle himself.

"Let's go." Ty says as he notices mine and Cams reactions and he ushers us out the door.

I lock eyes with Asher with Mia asleep in his arms as I walk out and he gives me a loving smile tinged with sadness as I leave.


"How long has it been since you talked to Ryder and Jake?" Ty asks me and Cam as we drive to my house. I wait for Cam to answer but he stays silent.

"Ryder and I text a lot. He's stopped by every once in awhile to check in on me and Mia." I laugh remembering the last time he was here. "Mia calls him uncle Rye. He cried the first time he heard her call him that. He's such a softie... as for Jake after we moved i didn't keep in touch with him. Have you, Cam?" I turn towards the backseat where Cam sits staring out the window. He doesn't respond so I continue the conversation for the both of us.

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