16. Chocolate Banana

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Asher POV

When I wake up it takes me a moment to realize I'm in Cams spare room. I look at my phone and see it's 7:45am and decide to get up for the day. I walk out of the room and knock on the bathroom door. I hear Mia's small voice shout, "almost done." and laugh a little and head to the kitchen. I hear the sound of food cooking expecting Bay but when I round the corner it's Leah and Cam in the kitchen. They both look at me and then look at each other. Leah continues to cook breakfast and Cam sits down his phone on the counter and turns his chair to look at me.

"She left at 4 o'clock this morning. I don't know where the hell she went." I take a step back and nod my head. Then a small voice reassure me as she enters the kitchen.

"Asher, it's okay mommy always leaves for work but she'll come back." I put on a smile before I turn around and bend down to her level.

"That's good to know sweetie. I would love to spend the day with you, if you'll let me." I ask her and she smiles as she nods her head.

"Yes! Let me get my planner to schedule out our day." She says determinately and I laugh as she runs to her room. I look back at Leah and she nods her head at me as she laughs.

"That is what Baylor has done to that child. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. You weren't part of the schedule. She's enjoying it now but it's going to take a toll on her. If you don't stick to some type of routine she will become anxious. Keep some type of structure and you guys will have a blast." Leah says sincerely and I nod my head.

"It's 8 Auntie Leah! Breakfast time!" Mia shouts as she comes running into the kitchen with her daily planner. Leah gives me an I told you so look and I take a seat at the table with Cam and Mia.

"It's almost done do you want to grab the plates?" Leah asks and Mia jumps up and heads straight to a bottom cabinet and opens it to grab a step stool. She then carries it two cabinets down and climbs up to get down four plates.

"Here you go, sir." She says as she sits a plate down in front of me and as cute as it may be it still breaks my heart that I'm sitting here as a stranger to my five year old daughter. She continues dancing around the table as she passes out the plates. She's a joyful morning person, she definitely doesn't get that from her mother.

"So, Cameron, how do you feel being back, are you home for good?" I ask him and at that moment Leah was putting bacon on Mias plate and she stops to look at Cam. I find this odd and look back at Cam and notice he hasn't looked up from the paper he's reading.

"You're never back after you leave."

The room grows uncomfortably quiet and Leah continues to pass out the bacon. Mia is writing in her planner.

"You can write?" I ask her impressed and she looks at me confused.

"Of course. Can you read?" She asks and my mouth drops and Cam chuckles for the first time since he's been here.

"Uhm yea. Well. Uh. What do you uhm- like to do?" I ask nervously as I try to reason with myself how stupid is to be nervous in front of a five year old.

"Well. Uhm . I like uh." She looks at me and then smirks as she giggles and says her next sentence without stammer, "Reading mommies books in the library at home and I also like to paint and OH! I WANT TO FIGHT LIKE YOU!" She declares excitedly and I look at Leah. She shrugs and nods at me to answer.

"Okay, I'll teach you." I tell her and she screams "YES!" And slams her fork on the table. Cam jumps and holds Miss hands down. Leah places an egg on my plate and I thank her.

"I'm writing it in the schedule I need a time frame." She says and I laugh as I think about it.

"The gym opens at 9 so how ab-"

"9 to 11 got it. We need to eat fast." She says as she writes down the time and then digs into her eggs and I laugh. I love this girl so much.


After breakfast Mia rushes me outside only to ask me where my car is and my heart sinks. Leah walks outside behind me and pulls me away from Mia.

"Here, take my car." I look up at her about to protest but she continues talking.

" I was really rude to you when you first got here. Just take the car and spend the day with your daughter." She says and hands me the keys and walks away before I can reply.

I turn around to see Mia already climbing into Leahs white Audi Q5. I follow Mia and watch as she straps her self in and I get in the drivers seat. I set the directions and take a deep breath trying to enjoy this day. I feel like there's worms crawling in my skin, I can't stand feeling so anxious.

"So what about lunch? Mommy takes me to this ice cream place that also has green sandwiches and if I eat my healthy food she lets me eat all the Ice cream I want. Can we go there too?" Mia asks excitedly as she digs in her book bag she brought.

"Sure. What's you're favorite ice cream?" I ask her and she answers with immediate excitement, "Chocolate Banana!"

"Chocolate banana?"

"Yes! It's really great!" She says and I laugh. Her blue eyes sparkle bright with joy and all I want to do is hug her.

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