07. More beautiful

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"Hey, ash."
A voice I've been longing for, for five years speaks softly behind me as I stand in the airport and I slowly turn around to face her.

My voice comes out breathless as I stare at her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen five years ago and now she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. It seems her beauty grows with her age.

Her hair is no longer cut shoulder length but now flows down her back

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Her hair is no longer cut shoulder length but now flows down her back. Her hair doesn't have the bit of brown anymore instead it's back to its natural black color. Her pink lipstick is replaced with a beautiful nude color. Her sassy clothes are replaced with a professional looking white dress that makes her look even more like an angel. How did I let someone this beautiful go.

"So you met Mia. Remember the last night we spent together. We were talking about baby names. You really liked the name Mia. It's perfect."
A tear slips down her cheek but she doesn't look like she's crying. She still has a faint smile on her face as she cups her elbow and stares at me.

"Why did you leave bay? That night, was the first night I ever made love to someone. Then you run out before I wake and never return. Do you understand how bad that hurt?"
My honesty just keeps pouring out of me and I can't stop it. Another tear slips down her cheek as she looks down at the ground and back up at me.

"I'm sorry Asher. I had it planned out. I was going to send you a plane ticket a few weeks later like I did Leah ty and cam. But then I found out that I was pregnant. With our little girl, And in that moment I knew I couldn't risk it. I would do anything to make sure nothing happens to her. Please understand. Please understand why I did it Ash. Please. Because if you dont then I don't know why either."
She sobs as she stands there begging to be told she made the right decision. Whether it was or wasn't it doesn't matter. I'll still forgive her. I'm too weak to say no to her.

"I understand Bay."
I say as I walk towards her and wrap her in my arms and she just stands there and sobs before wrapping her arms around me. Damn it feels so good to have her in my arms again.

"Come on."
I say and lead her out of the airport.

"No Asher, where are we going."

"To lunch."
I say and she opens her mouth to dissagree but changes her mind and nods her head.


"I'll take your hamburger basket."
Bay tells the waitress with a heart warming smile and she nods her head and walks away. But I'm still staring at Bay.

She asks as she lightly kicks me under the booth.

"I can't take my eyes off you."
I say and she blushes and looks down at her hand and that's when I notice the wedding ring and my heart breaks for the millionth time.

"Why did you marry him?"
I ask and she looks up at me with sadness in her eyes before taking of the ring and fidgets it in her hand.

"Security. He was there. Mia needed a male in her life. . . . . Lonely."
She almost whispers the last part then clears her throat and forces a laugh as she looks back up at me but I can still see the sadness.

"I wasn't an option?"
I ask and she goes quiet for a moment and I see a tear slide down her cheek. I lean over the table and cup Bays face in my hand and wipe away her tear with my thumb and she looks into my eyes.

"You were never an option. You are my only wish."
My heart squeezes in my chest and I slowly lean forward over the table to give her a kiss. Her eyes look down to my lips and another tear falls down her cheek and she looks away. Disappointment and rejection hits me like a brick and I sit back down.

"I'm married. I can't do that to Drew. Not after all he's done for us."

"Yea...Okay Bay. I understand... You know actually, I don't. You want to say that shit and then tell me your still with Drew?"

"I said you were a wish Asher. Wishes don't come true."
She says before standing up and walking out of the small cafe.


' Wish upon this
A star in the sky

Tonight will be the night
We all fly high

Into the galaxy
Where we pick our stars

I'll wish upon mine
That you weren't so far

I'll wish For your love

I'll wish for you dear

I'll wish and I'll wish until I have you here.'

'Another poem just for you.

Another letter that you'll never see.

Why do you do these things to me?

I loved you then and I love you now.

Still unrequited I don't know how.

Don't you feel the way I do?

Is it just me saying I love you?'

Dear Bay, like the poem said. Here's another letter you'll never see. But today we talked. For the first time in five years. Not seeing you for that long made me think I wouldn't have such strong feelings still. But I was wrong and you left again with my heart. More beautiful than you were before. How is it even possible?

'I wish those five years was spent with me.

I've dreamt of our daughter and how beautiful she'd be.

I found her more beautiful than imagined.

I guess that was your doing I was absent. '

Why can't we just have our happy ending? Why can't a wish come true. All I want so badly....is you. 


A/N; heyy guyyyssss.

Hope you like the poems asher writes lol he's a clever one isn't he;)😂

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