17. My daughter

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"I'm so excited!!" Mia squeals in her car seat as I put the car in park in front of the boxing gym. She unbuckles and opens her door to jump out. I grab her book bag for her and gently take her hand as we cross the parking lot. My heart is drowned in the weirdest/best feeling when her little hand is swallowed by mine.

She's so cute I think I'm going to die with the amount of love bursting through me.

"I just want you to know... I have seen all of your fights so I know your moves. Get ready to lose Asher Hill. Ashlor Hill is here to take your place!" She shouts as she bounces on her feet and jabs at the air and I start busting out laughing. I can't breathe. She really just said that to me.

That's MY DAUGHTER! Damn I love her so fucking much.

"Laugh now cry later let's go it's 9:03." She says as she turns around and saunters into the gym. I wait until she turns around to continue laughing. Who the hell is teaching her this shit?

"Asher? Do you have another fight?" Ricky says as I walk up to him with Ashlor.

"No, I am just staying in Ohio a bit longer. Have room for two more?" I ask him and he smiles and waves us in.

"Who is this little one?" He asks and my words get caught in my throat. Do I just tell people she's my daughter?

"Uhm this is my...daughter." I say looking down at her and she smiles at me.

"I like to be called Ashlor because it's like bof my mommy and my daddy's names." She smiles and bounces excitedly on her toes. Ricky looks up at me with a smile.

"She is adorable. I didn't know you had a kid." Neither did I.

"I thought this was a gym are we talking or fighting." Ashlor says and Ricky and I both start dying with laughter. He jogs to the lockers and grabs a pair of gloves for both of us and comes back over.

"Here you are, feisty." He says as he tosses Ashlor her gloves. She catches them with a big smile and puts them on. I put mine on and we walk into the ring. I walk up to her and bend down to her level.

"Okay, are you read-" I'm cut off by Ashlor punching me in the gut and I bend over in laughter. She can really pack a punch for a five year old.

"Ready. Are you?" She giggles and moves away from my reach as she continues laughing. Her blue eyes twinkle brightly as she holds them open wide in anticipation.

"Okay then. Let's go big girl." I say and she laughs as we begin to circle each other. She runs towards me and jabs my arm. I drop to my knees and grab my arm and she busts out laughing.

"I'm going to beat you Asher Hill!" She smiles brightly and she runs towards me but I pick her up in my arms and turn her upside down. I begin spinning in circles and she starts laughing profusely. Slowly I drop her down on the ring and begin to softly punch her sides as quick as I can. She squirms and squeals in joy as she tries to escape my tickling punches.

"Who is winning now Ash?" I say and she laughs harder as she breathlessly yells out her next reply.

"Me!" She says and then brings her knee up so fast I didn't have time to react before I'm on the ground holding myself in pain. My balls feel as if they have been kneed into my stomach. Slowly I climb to the edge of the ring and roll myself out onto the floor ready to puke. Damn she really got me. I can hear Ricky as his laugh begins to echo through the gym.

"I'm sorry! Mommy said to do that to a boy if I need to get away."Ashlor says timidly as she walks towards me on the verge of tears.

"It's okay." I say and try to regain enough breath to finish my sentence. "Mommy taught you well. But you should only do that when you are in danger, not when playing." I try to say in my sweetest voice so she doesn't cry. She nods her head and walks towards me. She lifts my arm up and puts it over her shoulder.

"It's okay. I have you, let's go get some ice cream and you'll feel better." She says as she tries to pull me up and I stand up with her as she determinedly walks me out of the gym. My heart melts as she watches my steps and helps guide me to the car while repeatedly looking at me to make sure I'm okay. When we arrive at the car she reaches on her tiptoes and opens my door.

"You go ahead and rest. I can buckle myself up." She says as she pats my leg and I try not to laugh at her sweetness as I get in the car. She struggles to open her back door so I reach my hand into the back seat and push the door open for her and move my hand before she can tell it was me.

She closes her door and buckles up before looking up at me.

"Okay now to lunch, it's a little earlier than scheduled but I think you've had enough ass whoopings today." I can't help but to scoff and I try my hardest not to let her see me laugh. Where the hell does she learn this shit?

"Ashlor I don't think your mom would appreciate you using that word. Where did you hear that?" I ask her and her dark brown eyebrows scrunch together as she looks at me.

"You say ass whooping in your fights all the time. Is it bad?" She asks and I almost bust out laughing but I suppress it.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I won't say bad words anymore either okay. Let's not repeat that in front of your mommy." I say and she zips her mouth shut and smiles.

"What is the ice cream place called your mommy takes you to?"

"Uh. I don't know what it's called. I just know it's by the park and it has a giant brócoli in an ice cream cone statue outside. I hate brócoli. That does not go in ice cream cones." She says in disgust about the brócoli and I laugh. I look up parks nearby on my GPS and set out on a hunt for an ice cream shop.


After circling the nearby area of the fourth park now, we find the giant ice cream cone with a piece of brócoli sticking out.

"Yay! We found it!"Ashlor cheers as she begins to unbuckle as I park the car. I get out and open her door and to my surprise she jumps in my arms allowing me to carry her.

"Can I just get ice cream?" She asks with puppy dog eyes and a smirk. I tickle her side and she squirms.

"Don't give me those pleading blue eyes. Food first then you can have all the ice cream you want, princess." She looks at me and smiles.

"Deal! I love you daddy!" My heart stops at her words as she wraps her arms around me in a tight hug. I squeeze my arms back around her and hold on for as long as she will let me.

"I love you so much."

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