11. Truth is revealed

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Baylor POV 5 years ago

two weeks have passed since I've been out of the hospital and Ashers fathers trial is finally over. He was found guilty on two accounts of attempted murder. I still can't believe he would actually try to kill me and his own son, and for what?

The reasoning is clawing out at me. There's no way he wanted to kill us just because we were together. No. There had to be more to it.

Asher doesn't seem too surprised by his fathers actions but I can't leave this alone. I can't help but feel like there's something more to it.

That's why I'm in a cab on my way to the prison he is in.

When I arrive a guard leads me to a table where he is shackled. My hands tremble and I take a deep breath as I take a seat in front of him. His head is down, all I can see is his shaggy dirty blonde hair.

When my butt hits the seat across from him, he looks up at me, sending shivers down my spine. I look down and notice I subconsciously grabbed my stomach where he shot me.

Stay focused Baylor.

"You are the last person I expected to be here with me right now. What do you want."

"Why do you assume I want something."

"Normally people don't come to visit the person who tried to kill them."
His voice is cold and any other time I'd be running out the door but something behind his strained voice is making me stay. He's hiding something.

"Why did you try to kill me."

"I hate you."

"There's more to it."
I say and he looks side to side and shifts in his seat. There's definitely more to this than he's letting on.

"Little girl you don't want to push this."

"Yes I do. Tell me why you tried to kill me!"

"I'm not the one who wanted you dead."
Is all he says and we stare at each other for a minute.

"Then who?"

"You need to get out of here and stop asking questions before you get yourself killed."

"Don't act like you care if I die you tried to kill me!"

"For my son!"
He screams and then his eyes go wide and he looks around to see if anyone heard him.

"Asher wanted me dead?"
I ask in disbelief.

"No. To keep him safe. If I killed you then my son could live. I don't know all the details, okay. You're going to get all of us killed if you keep asking questions."

"Tell me who and I can stop all this!"

"He has too much money, you can't stop him he will just bribe people to do his dirty work! He wants you dead!"


"I've said too much."

"Then you can say a little more."
He stares at me for a moment then asks the most unexpected question.

"Do you love my son."
My face morphs into confusion and I don't know how that has anything to do with this.

"Yes. I do what does that-"

"Then leave him. I'll tell you what you want to know if you leave him and never come back. I may not have been there for a lot of his life growing up but I love my son! You should have just kept your mouth shut! If you stay around him he'll die! If you truly love him leave and don't come back and I'll tell you what I know."
A tear falls down my cheek and I shake my head. He's right.

"Okay. Okay I'll leave just tell me what you know."

"The man wants you dead because you have information on him that can put him in prison. He thinks you're going to talk. He thinks you are going to tell ash and if you do he wants you both dead."
Information? What kind of deadly information do I hav- Gary!

"Gary. It's Gary isn't it!"
I'm shouting at this point and he looks around us and tells me to quiet down but I can't!

My step father is trying to kill me!

So many thoughts are racing through my mind at once it makes my head pound. I get up and leave.

I call for a cab and they pull over to the side to get me. I hurry into the car and shut and lock the door.

"You alright back there?"
A deep voice asks and I just nod my head and keep looking out the window.

"Prison visits are always informative aren't they. You learn a lot from the people inside."
His voice is so eerie it sends an intense wave of fear and intimidation through the car. I slowly look up at him, I can't even see his face with the ball cap he's wearing and the hoodie he has up. I just nod and force a nervous smile.

This guy is weird, and he scares me.

"So what did you find out Baylor."

Okay now I'm terrified.

"Who are you."
I ask and slowly reach for the door handle.

"Just a person hired to keep tabs on you that's all. Can't have you asking too many questions can we."
He says and I go to open the door but he locks it and I freeze in my seat as fear paralyzes my body.

"They just don't want you talking, and Baylor, you've been talking."

"I haven't said anything to anyone!" I yell and he unlocks the doors.

"This is your stop." I rush out of the car and run all the way to my apartment as fast as I can.

I slam the door and lock it. I let out a breath of relief and turn around to see Asher staring at me with his mouth open and a spoon held in front of his face. I look beside him to see ty staring at me with his eyebrows scrunched together like the time he was staring at his rubix cube.

I ask not wanting to put up with them today.

"Why the hell were you running? You don't run."
Ty says, I ignore them and continue heading to my room.

"What's wrong?"
Asher asks as he walks in my room through the bathroom.

"Nothing Ash. Just go away, please."
I can feel him staring at me but I keep my head down and he walks out of my room.


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