9. A slap in the face.

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Baylor pov


"Cam I'm so glad you're home."
I say as he walks in my front door and I reach out to give him a hug but he just walks past me.

"You made me leave my best friend, who has no one may I remind you, because you were scared? Baylor are you that fucking selfish? What the hell did you think was going through his mind? How would you feel if the only people you had left in your life abandoned you for no reason! He has no family! Me and you were all he had and I left him and never even called him again because I thought he fucked you and dumped you and it was the other way around!? I'm going over to his hotel and I'm taking Ashlor-"

"Her name is Mia!"
I interrupt him hating the name he called her by. Why the hell did I even name her after us.

"No. You named her Ashlor, just because you don't like it now doesn't change the fact that that's what's on her birth certificate. We're spending the week I have home with Asher. You can be a part of it or you can stay here I really don't give a fuck."
He says and then marches upstairs to Mias room.

I hear footsteps from the doorway behind me and I try to keep my tears at bay as I turn around towards Leah and Mia.

"Mia you're not going go to your room."
I tell her and she backs up behind Leah's leg. I take a step forward and both Leah and Mia step back.

"I'm sorry Bay. She deserves to see him."

"Leah you're not taking my child."

"Yes we are."
Cam snaps as he walks past me with Mia's suitcase. No. No this can't be happening. They can't take her from me.

"Your not taking my little girl!"
I scream and take a step towards Leah as tears stream down my face but Cam stops me.

"You have lied to all of us for five fucking years Baylor! Asher was like a brother to me and I deserted him and for what!"
He screams as he pushes me away but I run back towards him and hit his back as I scream and cry. I can hear Mia crying as she watches me and Cam fight but before I can say anything to her Leah is taking her out to the car.

Cam screams and throws me to the floor and I don't bother getting up. I just sit here and sob as my little girl is taken from me.

Without Mia here it's going to be hell. I'm hurt enough.


Asher pov


I hear a knock on my hotel door and my heart stops in hopes of it being Bay.

But when I open the door I instantly tear up. Cam is standing in front of me still dressed in his uniform.

"Listen man. You probably really don't want to see-"
Before he even finishes his sentence I wrap my arms around him in a hug and he instantly hugs me back. I squeeze his shirt tighter and try my hardest not to cry. Why the fuck am I so sensitive, what happened to me.

"Don't apologize. I know what Bay told you and if I was in your place I wouldn't have spoken to me either but it wasn't true."
I tell him before he can finish his sentence.

"I know that now. That's why I came to try to make it up to you. I was hoping you could stay for a week? We have a guest room you can stay in and there's someone who was really wanting to spend some time with you."
It's only when Cam steps to the side that I see Mia standing there with puffed eyes and a little black suitcase with roses on it.

"Hi Asher."

"Hi Mia. Are you okay?"
I ask her and she shakes her head as her lip starts to tremble and soon it turns into a sob.

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