18. Nothing

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Baylor POV

When I open the door to my picturesque house, I see my husband laying on the floor, hungover. I walk over to him. His long brown hair falls flat, they've lost his boyish curls. I push the sweat plastered hair from his cheeks and he grumbles.

"What the hell?" He says as he opens his eyes and then squeezes them back shut. His emerald orbs pierce mine as he scans my face.

"You need help." I tell him as I hand him a bottle of water.

"What are you talking about? Where's Mia?" He grumbles as he sits up and drinks the water.

"We're staying at Cams until you get on your feet and find a place." Drew's eyebrows furrow in confusion as he takes in my words.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Find a place? Is this not my house anymore?"

"I'm going to make sure you get the help you need. Change your medication. Something. Because this isn't working anymore Drew. I didn't run from one man trying to hurt me to go to another one." I say timidly. His eyebrows scrunch together and he stares at me.

"Bay what are you talking about?" He shouts and my throat begins to ache with emotion.

"I'm talking about you coming home drunk and hitting me! Accusing me of cheating when I was on business trips supporting this family. To live in this beautiful home, that I bought! Not you! This is my house and I want you out of it by the end of the month." I yell at him and we both stare at each other in shock for a moment before he nods.

"So what? Asher comes back and you toss me to the curb? After everything I've done for you and Mia. I'm the only reason your art started selling in the first place. I got you that appointment with your manager. I would never lay a hand on you Bay. You know that. Come on, don't do this baby. Come here and hug me."He says but I don't move from the doorway.

"I'm sorry Drew. I loved you. Thank you for everything you have done. But, I want Mia to know her father. You know how much I've cried for this over the years Drew. It wasn't a secret that I never stopped loving Asher. You proposed anyway." I say and look down at the ring on my finger.

"Don't you do it Bay. Don't take that ring off." He warns as a tear slides down both of our cheeks as the ring slides off my finger. I walk back up to him. His emerald green eyes gloss up as I grab his hand.

"I'm so sorry Drew. But, I choose Asher." I tell him as I place the ring in his hand and he storms out of the house, slamming the door shut so hard a piece of wood chips off the frame. I take a deep breath trying to steady myself.

After a moment I begin to pack a few of Mia and I's things. I grab her favorite toys, a blanket, and some clothes. Then I head to my room. I go to my closet and grab a few of my things, I take a step forward and nearly trip over a box in the floor. I bend down and realize it's a box of stuff from my wedding day. My beautiful dress, the shoes I wore, then I see the photo booth pictures of us. We were so happy in this picture. It had been two years after leaving Asher. Drew had been my best friend, my rock when I moved here. I shove the picture of us back in the box and grab the other photos and put them in my pocket. I throw the box in Drew's closet and continue grabbing my things.

When I arrive back at Cam and Leah's it's two o'clock. Leah's car is gone and so I walk inside to talk to Asher. Except it's Leah and Cam who are home and Mia and Asher who is not.

"Asher took Ash for a daddy daughter day. I gave him permission. Where were you."Leah says with a tinge of anger which surprises me.

"I went to talk to Drew." I tell her and she scoffs and turns around to the dishes.

"Pick a man Baylor. You have Drew who does everything for you! AND Asher trying his damn hardest to be there for his daughter he was unaware of. Stop playing with their heads." She says without looking at me. I stand there shocked for a moment before anger engulfs me and I storm back out of their house.

As I do so Asher pulls into the driveway in Leah's car. I take a few deep breaths calming myself down, but when I see Asher carrying Mia towards me, I don't need to. Seeing them puts me in complete bliss. Asher struts towards me with a huge smile on his flawless face, looking at our also perfect daughter. She looks happier than I have ever seen her. Whatever Asher just said made her head fall back back in laughter as her eyes squeeze shut and she holds her stomach.

Asher stops in front of me with a heavenly smile and turns to me. I know the smile he wears, it is the same one I had when I held Mia in my arms for the first time. We look at each other in amazement of our child, speaking mountains of emotions but saying nothing.

"Mommy! I missed you!" Mia says when she notices me and she reaches for me to grab her. Ash takes a step closer to me and hands me Mia. Our eyes stay locked together only inches apart before he takes a step back.

"Me and Daddy had so much fun today!" My eyes shoot up to Ashers in surprise at what she called him. His smile widens as he looks at her proudly. Tears prick my eyes as I give Mia a hug.

"I'm so happy." I tell her and she smiles as she jumps down from my arms. She was getting heavy anyway. She grabs mine and Ashers hand and looks up at us.

"Can we go to the park. Pleeeaaaaasse?" She asks looking first at me and then to Asher with big adorable blue eyes. I look at Asher to see that his frown lines between his eyebrows appeared. He looks at me for permission and I just raise one eyebrow at him for falling for her tricks. He shrugs and looks back down at Mia with a grin.

"You know my answer is yes. But, you have to ask your mommy." I say and her shoulders drop as she turns to me and I laugh silently.

"We can go until three. Then we have to come back and get ready for dinner." I tell her and they both smile and give me a hug. I look at Asher who is smirking at me. I can already tell these two will be the end of me. But I love them.

"Let me go give Leah her keys and we can go." Asher says and Mia grabs them from his hands and darts inside as fast as she can.

"Be careful!" We both yell and then turn towards each other.

"Hi beautiful." He says and I smile and say hi back.

"All right let's go!" Mia hollers as she runs back outside a bit slower this time.

I lead the way down the driveway, Mia holds mine and Ashers hand as we begin to cross the street to get to the sidewalk.

Once we make it safely away from the road Mia let's go of our hand and starts skipping in front of us. Asher picks up mine instead. My heart warms at the feeling of our hands together and I stare down at them questioning if this is real. Five torturous years without him and now here I am. With him and our daughter. Am I going to wake up.

"What's wrong?" He asks as he pulls me to a stop. He pushes my chin up gently to look at him. I gently cup his cheek, resting my hand on his face as if to make sure this is all real.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." I tell him and we both smile.

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