21. The Truth is Told

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Asher POV

My body feels numb as I watch Baylor rock her mother in her arms while sobbing. Her hands are now covered in blood as she continues to hold her in her arms. She hunches over her mother's body, hugging her as she continues to rock back and forth whispering to her.

My glossy eyes look up from the devastation in front of me to the cops who are all watching Baylor with guilt and sympathy. Baylor looks up from her mother and to the cops with a red, tear stricken face.

"Why! She didn't deserve that! She didn't do anything!" Baylor screams in complete anguish. A woman officer lowers her gun and slowly walks towards Baylor. Baylor's eyes lock onto her mother's gun and before I get the chance to talk her out of it she has it in her blood stained hands pointing it at the officer. Her hands go up in the air as all other officers point there gun to Bay. My heart stops in my chest and I go to take a step towards Bay but guns get pointed at me as well. I put my hands up in surrender and stop moving as I watch Baylor sob as she holds her dead mother in one arm and a gun in the other.

"You don't want to do this sweetie. Just lower the weapon." The cop tried to reason with her.

"Bay, put the gun down she's right." I finally speak and she shakes her head as a sob erupts from her trembling lips.

"They killed her! They framed me! Who knows if they were paid this time!" Baylor tells me and I take a small step towards her with my hands still up in surrender. The cops allow me to move towards her.

"I am so sorry about your Mom Baylor. But think about Mia! You're her mom! She needs you here not dead or in prison. Just put the gun down Bay." I plead. The girl cop looks at Baylor as she takes a small step forward and bay pushes the gun in her direction.

"I don't know what happened. But I can promise you I will find out. But if you pull that trigger there's nothing I can do for you after that. Please don't make me watch another person die today." The cop says as she takes another step towards Baylor. Slowly the cop reaches forward and takes the gun from Baylor's shaking hand and allows Bay to fall into her arms as she holds her.

"It's okay. It's over now. Everything will be okay." The woman says soothingly as she runs her hand down Baylor's hair while she sobs into her chest. The cop lifts Baylor off the ground and begins walking her back towards the cop car. The other cops rush forward grabbing the weapon off the ground and checking the pulse of the dead woman on the red grass.

"Are you okay?" Someone asks beside me, I stop staring at Bays mother to notice a cop.

"Uh. Yea." I say dumbly, barely able to say anything else.

"If it matters, I think he deserved to die." The cop says and I slowly turn my head in his direction as I stare at him in disbelief.

"Excuse me?"

"The man she killed. Her husband? Turns out he wasn't a good guy. Found all sorts of evidence linking him to manslaughter, kidnappings, and bribery." The cop says and I look back at her mother being placed in a bag a few feet away. She killed him. She killed Gary.


The cops wrapped a blanket around Baylor and put her in the cop car so she didn't have to ride in the squad with her mother's body bag. As the cops clear out I'm left standing here beside the red puddle unable to comprehend what just happened. I blink for a moment trying to make my brain function properly. Then I look towards Cams door where Leah stands with her hand over her mouth as tears stream down her face. She awakens me from my trance and I walk towards her and wrap her up in my arms. She gratefully wraps her arms back around me. I can feel her shaking legs as they struggle to let her stand.

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