14. As you wish.

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Asher Pov

"So does this mean I can go to Ashers fights now, Mommy?" I turn around to see Mia is now sitting up in her bed as she looks at us and I look at Bay waiting on the answer. She gives Mia a smile that I can tell holds sadness and guilt as she stares into her daughter's eyes.

"Mia... There's something I-, Asher and I, need to talk to you about." Bay begins calmly as she sits on Mia's bed. My heart begins to race in my chest. Is she telling her??

"Mom, I know you guys use to kiss."Mia says and mine and Bay's eyes grow wide.

"How do you know that?" Bay asks and Mia's eyes shift from me back to Bay.

"Sometimes I sneaked in your room and look at your pictures box that you cry with all da time."Bays cheeks flush pink as she looks down at Mia. She bends down and kisses Mias forehead for a minute before pulling away.

"Am I in trouble for snooping?" Mia asks timidly and Bay let's off a small laugh.

"No, honey. No. Mommy should have told you about him a lot sooner." Bays voice breaks as she wraps Mia up in her arms. A tear slips down her cheek and she won't look at me despite my burning gaze on her. I can feel her guilt and pain from over here and it shreds my heart.

"Mia Ashlor Hill. Mia do you want me to tell you why I picked out this name for you?" Bay asks as her voice trembles and Mia nods her head.

"Ashers mommy's name, do you remember what I told you it was?" My heart stops in my chest. She told her about my mom?


"That's why I named you Mia. After her, your grandma." My heart stops as I stare at Mia's confused face.
"Ashlor, you were named after me and Asher. You're daddy." I can hear Ashlor take in a sharp breath of air and then her gorgeous ocean eyes look at me. Her lip starts to quiver as she looks back at Bay.

"Hi, Mia." I smile at her and her face morphs into confusion.

"You said he wasn't around anymore. I knowed Asher and You never told me he was my dad!" Mia says angrily as she looks at Bay.

"I know and I'm sorry. Just know that it was my fault he wasn't around. Your daddy loves you so much. He would have been here if he could." Bay reassures her and looks at me for the first tome since she began her talk. Her eyes hold such sorrow. Far more than most twenty three year olds.

"Mia, I hope you will forgive me for not being here with you." I say as I take a step towards her and squat down beside her bed.

"Why couldn't you be here. All of my friends dads are with them. Drew is here." I think my heart just shriveled up and died. I feel like a complete piece of shit. What the hell do I even say to that?

"I'm sorry, Mia. I didn't know I was missing out on such an incredible little girl." I tell her as I put my finger under her chin and look right into her ocean eyes.

"Why didn't you tell him about me, mommy?" She asks Bay and her eyes shatter with guilt. Her brown eyes brim with tears and she opens her mouth to speak but no words form.

"One day I hope you can understand. But for right now, I'll just say that I love you and I will never leave you again and it wasn't your moms fault either, Princess." I tell her and she she looks up at me and nods her head.

"I have a dad too now, mom." Mia says and my heart feels like it was just set on fire. I look at Bay who just ran out of the room and I know she's sobbing by the way her shoulders shake on the way out. I look at Mia and she looks back at me worried.

"She's okay." I reassure her and she relaxes but doesn't say anything. My hearts is still hammering in my chest and I don't think I've been more nervous to get a girl to like me. What the hell do i even say to her? I've missed so much. I know nothing about her.

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