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Not like an Avengers one, which she always wanted to do. She tried to get Nat to convince her dad for the longest time, but eventually, Pietro found out, and suddenly both he and Bruce were ganging up on her.

"Spencer, don't be upset-"

"Dad, it's totally unfair!"

"Spencer, listen to your father."

"You're a traitor, Pietro. Wanda will side with me, anyway."

As she stares at the bars of restraint in this transportation vehicle, Spencer wonders what Bruce would say if he knew all about the missions she's gone on in the last month. Guilt sinks her heart. She knows Bruce would never hate her - could never - but when she thinks about all the things she's done, all the crimes she has been an accomplice to. All the horrors she's been a part of.

"What is it, little Merzost?" Madam muses, glancing from the front passenger seat to smirk back at Spencer. The younger girl carefully moves her eyes over to the woman. "Missing Lover Boy already?"

Spencer doesn't say anything. She doesn't let her face give away anything, either. She's not going to let anything risk Pietro, not even if it felt like it was physically burning her.

Her eyes slip over to Soldat, who is sitting across from her, his eyes trained to the wall just behind her head. He doesn't move, even with the rocky road they've been driving on for 20 minutes.

It's been three days since Spencer's seen Pietro. He's gone on his mission, as far as she knows. From the words she hears, Spencer thinks it was France. No one tells her anything, no one ever has. Not even Soldat.

Spencer is beginning to notice that he won't look her in the eye and more.

"We will work on your independence next," Madam tells her, turning back to face the front of the car. The HYDRA agent driving whispers something to her, to which she nods. Then she focuses back on Spencer, "After all, you won't be working with Soldat all the time."

Spencer says nothing. She's never ever considered working with Soldat, and when she checks to see how he thinks of that, how weak he perceives her. But he won't even look at her.

"Not to mention," Madam continues, and Spencer's head turns fully to look at her. "He won't be in the picture much longer."

Soldat? Spencer's eyes skip back to him. He's not reacting, not at all - even if he's been wiped recently, this should invoke some kind of emotion in him.

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