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She might have been unconscious for the last 17 hours, but Spencer knows exactly where she is - a hospital. And she hates hospitals.

But she hates needles even more, and considering she can feel the presence of an IV in her left arm, Spencer is not going anywhere anytime soon.

She's rigid. She's as straight as a stick, and all her muscles are tensing, and her stomach is sinking at the slight idea of the needle breaking —


Oh, good. Someone else was here.

"Get this thing out of me," Spencer grits in response, glaring down at her arm. God, it's making her sick. She should just look away.

"It's what's keeping you alive," the voice argues, and Spencer grimaces even more.

"Get it off," she repeats, and this time, her skin starts to shift to green

Her chin is forced up, and her brown eyes lock with an electric blue pair.

"Stop trying to kill yourself," Pietro tells her, firmly, holding her arm down.

Spencer freezes. He's warm.

But that damn IV? Won't stay out of her mind.

"Get off me," she grumbles, reaching her free arm to shove him off.

She's not sure if it's her brute strength or Pietro's lack of wanting to fight, but he falls back with a roll of his eyes.

"Where's Bruce?" Spencer demands, her eyes darting across the room. "He - where - DAD!"

"Will you relax?" Pietro mutters, putting his hands on her shoulders, his eyes staring into hers. Spencer swears her heartbeat soars at the contact — and the monitors next to her can attest to that.

Pietro grins to himself. He must notice the accelerating beeping too. 

Stupid asshole, Spencer thinks.

"They will think I'm killing you," he teases, and besides her pounding heart, Spencer rolls her eyes.

"Might as well," Spencer mumbles to him, ignoring the sounds from down the hall. "Bruce is probably so pissed."

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