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Twenty minutes on the Quinjet, and this is what Spencer says, first. It's not unprompted, really - Clint's been eyeing her the whole time, nervously. Then he would whisper to Natasha, and she would look over, but at least she tried to mask her suspicions.

Clint's head shoots up, his eyes wide. Her little outburst even makes Bruce glance over from his work.

Clint looks over to Natasha, then back at Spencer, shrugging, "I don't-"

"Yes, you do," Spencer interrupts, a little sigh escaping her throat as she rubs her face with her hands. "I didn't kill those HYDRA agents," she tells him, her eyes matching his. "And I didn't do that -'' she gestures over to where Pietro is lying on a hospital bed, unconscious, "either."

"Of course you didn't do that," Clint agrees, his eyes flickering over to Pietro's body as he gulps. "You hate blood."

Spencer stares at him down, her eyes squinting. "That's the only thing holding me back from killing him?" she demands. "My fear of blood? What the fuck?"

"Spencer," Bruce calls, softly, sending her a warning look. He must send one to Clint, too, because he doesn't say anything else.

"We saw you with the Winter Soldier," Natasha elaborates, after a second of silence. "Working for HYDRA. We didn't know if..." she glances at bruce, carefully, "your judgment would be intact."

Well, that's fair. Spencer's not even sure it is intact now - she was pretty ready to kill those agents. Not that she's gonna tell these guys.

"Right," Spencer agrees, with a nod, hanging her head. "Yeah. But that was before..."

"Before what?" Natasha prompts. She's watching Spencer carefully - not like she's ready to accuse her, or anything. But like she somehow knows the horrors she's been through.

"Before he found me," she tells them, letting her eyes flicker over to Pietro again. The guilt starts to stack rocks in her stomach.

The Quinjet falls silent again. When they'd lugged Pietro in here, with Spencer trailing behind, hoisted up by Bruce, Tony had been assigned to flying. She's pretty sure it's because he's got literally no filter and they were all worried he'd trigger Spencer, somehow.

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