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a/n : anyways miss spencer is really about to cause some trouble

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Spencer remembers a time where you couldn't get her out of bed at this time if you bribed her. But here she is, 5:02 AM, and she's sitting on the little ledge three doors down from where she'd slipped out of Elenora's room. Since this isn't like the other residency areas in the school, Spencer has yet to spot a single person. Which is good. She's not so sure she's up for interactions right now.

Her eyes are focused on the courtyard outside. If she thought the Institute was beautiful before, this morning was an awakening experience. It was truly... beautiful. Natural. In the early morning haze, the sky was more golden than blue, and she could swear the blades of glass reflected the light like little diamonds.

"What are you doing?"

Spencer's head snaps over to the voice, but she doesn't have to look to know the source: Pietro. His voice is all gravely and sleepy, and he's rubbing at his eyes with his fists.

He's not an early riser, either.

"Why are you awake?" Spencer asks back, watching calmly as Pietro shuffles onto the ledge beside her, setting his back against the little cove so he and Spencer are across from each other.

Even though Spencer pulls her knees closer to her chest to give Pietro more room, their legs are still touching, the plaid fabric of Pietro's pants brushing against her bare skin.

It's soft. She shuffles her legs closer to him.

"I..." Pietro starts, but his eyes find the window. A little smile sets on his lip, a laugh bubbling in his throat. "Reminds me of the farm," he notes, turning back to Spencer, who smiles with a little nod.

Pietro's expression lightens when Spencer smiles, and she can tell it's a bit of a relief to him.

His eyes are back out the window. "How was seeing Nicole?" he asks, softly.

Even though he's not looking at her, Spencer shrugs. "Fine, I guess," she says. "She's pissed at Bruce. For helping."

Pietro's eyes trail back to Spencer. "You're pissed, too."

"Yes," she confesses, admitted. "Well, no? I get that he had to make a deal," she reasons, with a little shake of her head. "But helping her? Seriously?"

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