Chapter 4

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"Girl I really need a favour from you. My car's at the repair shop which makes me carless so I need you to give me a quick ride to class. Call me back asap" I hanged up the phone and threw it somewhere on my bed.

I was practically running around my apartment trying to get ready for class. No doubt I was going to be late because I overslept this morning.

I settled for a cream coloured long sleeve shirt and khakis joggers paired with some white air force 1s. 

Now I'm just waiting for Jay to call back

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Now I'm just waiting for Jay to call back. Maybe we could stop by Starbucks first to get a coffee so I could somewhat feel better being late to class.

Ten minutes passed by and Jay finally called back. "I'm already at class an unfortunately I can't come get you, but I could ask Sean to let Geovoni to give you one since he has afternoon classes." she offered and I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes.

"Ok" I said. There was no ther way in getting a ride so I might as well settle for Geovoni.

"Kk, I'll just ask then give your number to Sean so he can send to Geovoni. 

"Thanks girl" I said and hanged up the phone.  Looks like I'll be waiting here a while.


"Please tell me you have this seat pushed back for another reason" I climbed into the car and slammed the door shut.

"I don't know you tell me" he repsonded and I give him a disgusted look.

"Ain't no way you letting me sit in the seat you banged a bitch in"

I cant

"It's clean and you acting like you never had car sex before" he chuckled.

More like none

I stayed quiet and his eyes were on me.

"'re a virgin" his eyes slightly widened like it was a shock to him.

"Stay out of my business" I mugged him and fixed the seat.

"With a face and body like that no doubt I would smash" he looked me up and down.

"Except you ain't never gonna get a piece of this" I glide my hand down my chest with a smug look on my face.

"We'll see" he smirked and drove off.


"So Sean's having a party over his apartment and your coming with me." Jay sat down across from me in our usual cafe spot after classes.

"No I'm not" I said and rolled my eyes.

"Ok I know you guys started off badly but he's a good person" she said but I scoffed.

"You mean good in bed" I raised my one of my eyebrows.

"That too but seriously" she pleaded with her hands clasped together but I shook my head.

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