Chapter 12

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"If you set me up with sum lame ugly ass nigga Imma kill you." Aniyah threatened Jaylin in the passenger seat of her car.

"Put your faith in me he ain't bad" Jay answered.

"How fine is he on a scale of one to ten" Aniyah asked.

"Ehhh 7 he decent" Jaylin smirked.

"Good.  So when am I gonna take this blindfold off" Aniyah said picking at the scarf tied around her eyes.

"When we reach just wait five mins til we get to the restaurant" Jaylin smiled devishly knewing that she was indeed bringing her to a motel and not a restaurant.

She had this brilliant idea of locking her and Geovoni in a room together for a night to sort things out. It was the weekend and of course Jaylin didn't expect them to do much talking. If you know you know😏

She getting ripped tonight rip that😽 ayeee

When Jaylin reached the motel she found a parking spot and helped Aniyah out the car.

"Girl I swear if this don't pan out good I'm blaming you" Aniyah said.

"Nah you gon come back with yo legs trembling" Jaylin smirked.

"Jay stop f*cking playin' wimme" Aniyah busted out laughing.

"Mhm we'll see"

Jaylin led Aniyah up to the hotel room and knocked three times on the door before Geovoni opened the door.

"Are you sure we at the restaurant cuz I ain't supposed to be walking this much." Aniyah commented.

Geovoni silently laughed and Jaylin put a finger to her lips while silently laughing also.

"Yeah girl we here. Have fun" Jaylin pushed Aniyah inside and slammed the door shut while locking it with the spare key.

Aniyah took the blindfold off and looked around her surroundings. "What the f*ck" she said, staring at Geovoni.

"Uh uh lemme out this room" Aniyah said, pulling on the door handle. "I'm finna kill this girl" she mumbled under her breath.

"We locked in here til tomorrow morning" Geovoni said.

Aniyah dry laughed and turned around to face Geovoni. "I ain't finna talk to yo ass" she rolled her eyes while pointed a finger at him.

"So you just gon act stubborn cause you don't wanna hear my apology. If you wanna be petty then I can play that game too"

Geovoni opened up a styrofoam box of jamaican food and started eating it in front of her. It was her favourite too. Oxtail and rice.

Aniyah licked her lips

"Oh I bought you a box" he pointed to the bag with another box in it. "When you ready to talk tho" he smirked.

Aniyah mugged him and kissed her teeth. She knew he was testing her but it's not like she can't go a whole night without food. SHE CAN'T.

"F*ck you nigga" she held up her middle finger and sat down on the opposite side of the bed away from him.

Two can play the game.


Two hours later Aniyah was starving her ass off and she was getting fed up of Geovoni. Somehow she was bothered by the fact that was just peacefully laying on the bed watching tik toks on his phone.

She had been fed up with calling Jaylin's number about a hundreds times with no answer.

Aniyah sat back down on the bed and Geovoni turned his head towards her. "Stop being so stubborn and lemme apologize" he put a hand on her leg and started rubbing it but she slapped it away.

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