Chapter 20

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"I'm telling ya sumn changed with her especially over Thanksgiving fosho" Geovoni paced his living room.

"Like I gaf" Jaylin kissed her teeth. She was layed up on the couch with Sean scrolling through Instagram.

"Ain't she yo bestfriend?" Geovoni questioned her.

"Not no more after she done chose her man over me" Jaylin scoffed.

"Nah but for real tho she seem different. We was over there checking up on her for a reason. I think that RaShawn nigga got sumn to do with it."

"You lowkey desperate for her man. If you want her fight for her" Sean interjected.

"That was two weeks ago. Why we still on the same subject? RaShawn seems like a good guy yo ass just jealous" Jaylin rolled her eyes.

"Nah and  just cuz he got money don't mean he good for her."

"What about Aniyah's ex that cheated on her?" Sean asked.

"You mean Kyrell?" Jay looked at Sean. "How you know bout him?" she wrinkled her eyebrows.

"I told him. The incident that happened at the motel" Geovoni said and Jaylin nodded when it clicked in her brain.

"Can't deny no doubt he was hella toxic for Aniyah from stories she told me. Ion know how she put up with his ass" Jaylin kissed her teeth.

"What kinda stories?" Geovoni asked balling up his fists. The though of Kyrell hurting Aniyah made him angry.

"She'll never trust me again if I tell anyone"

"Yeah but if this ex of hers is dangerous for her I gotta know" Geovoni said. He promised he would always protect Aniyah from him.

"Ok but if you mention I said anything to you I'm a beat yo ass" she pointed a finger at me.

"Aii fine" I nodded my head.

"I never met him since she broke up with him before we met freshman year at Spelman, but she would always say he's very possessive and controlling.

Sometimes he would feel on her without her permission and would always steal her stuff to go pawn and buy drugs with the money afterwards. The whole thing is messed up I can't continue" Jaylin sighed.

"Nah continue and tell me everything" Geovoni said, clenching his jaw.

"She also told me he was very abusive and got her addicted on drugs. They would alwayd smoke together and somehow would let his friends touch on her while he smashing other bitches on the low.

This summer he cheated on her again and got another girl pregnant and she decided to end all ties with him. Aniyah was depressed to the max like I'm talking bout starving her self depressed. It was so sad to watch her behave like that."

The room was dead silent when Jaylin finished. 

"Oh shit she one strong woman" Sean commented. "All that trauma and she kept it all to herself. Damn"

"I'm finna kill this mf" Geovoni said in a low tone. He wasn't acting out but he was very calm.

He thought how could he let that son of bitch do something like that to her. He should've been there to protect her.

No one should ever get treated like that

"I'm finna pull up to that mf house and kill him. Ion gaf if I get locked up" Geovoni grabbed his car keys and head for the door.

"GEOVONI WAIT" Jaylin yelled getting up.

"Jaylin don't mf talk to me right now. You kept this from me for so long"

"Cause she didn't want me telling nobody. She's stubborn that's how she is and you don'tgo around randomly telling people about that shit. Youon even know where Kyrell lives or if he's in the city or not. It's in the past and she's already healed from it" Jaylin rushed her words.

"I don't give a shit! You said it yourself you don't gaf bout her no more but I do even if we not on good terms.

I'm going to her place right now to check up on her and make sure my girl ain't in no kinds of trouble. If you care about her you'd come with me and drop this petty shit you got going on. Damn!" Geovoni punched the wall beside him before slamming his apartment door behind him.

"Shit I ain't never seen him mad like this before" Sean stared at the hole in the wall.

Jaylin sighed to herself and relaized Goevoni was right. No matter what Aniyah was always going to be her bestfriend and it was only right for her to act like it.

"Get yo shit we going with him" Jaylin said to Sean.

As soon as all of them got to Aniyah's apartment, Jaylin loudly knock on the door. "Aniyah!"

"Aniyah's not here" Kayla said opening the door and mugged Jaylin.

"Well where the f*ck is she?" Geovoni gritted out.

"Ion know she just disappeared out in a cream coloured ball gown dress" Kayla shrugged her shoulders.

"Move" Jaylin pushed Kayla out the doorway and made her way into Aniyah's room  followed by Sean and Geovoni.

They looked around the room trying to find evidence of where she could be at.

Geovoni started with her sheets

Sean started with her underwear drawer

And Jaylin looked in her closet.

"You'd look gorgeous in this dress at my father's gala this Saturday. I'll see you then." Sean read from the note he held in his hand. He got it from the white box placed on top of Aniyah's dresser."

"What did you say?" Geovoni turned his head towards Sean.

"She's out with RaShawn" Jay said immediately. "Lemme check her location on snap" she pulled out her phone.

"Of course she's with him" Geovoni scoffed.

"They're in Buckhead" Jaylin said and Geovoni nodded his head.

"Aii let's go"


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