Chapter 16

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"Heyyyy girl" I got off the chair to hug Jay.

Classes were over and we met at our usual spot in the cafe.

"What got you so happy?" she laughed at my reaction.

"Well.. I'm now the girl of a rich and handsome boss" I showed her the Cuban Link chain RaShawn gifted me last night in the box.

I didn't want to wear it on campus because these girls will no doubt snatch it off my neck at first glance.

"You're kidding" Jay's mouth dropped and she took the box from my hands. "Rashawn?" she asked and I nodded my head.

"Yeah but don't tell anybody"

"Who am I gonna tell?" she looked at me.

"Sean?" I raised my eyebrow at her.

"Nah girl but I'm happy for you. You're finally getting treated right this time"

"I know and I got a Luis Vuitton bag and a Chanel purse " I gushed. "I can't lie it feels good to be spoiled"

"Maybe I need a rich man too cause Sean ain't cutting it"

We both laughed and I wiped a tear from my eye.

"Can't relate I don't mess with broke niggas" I joked some more.

"But for real girl I'm happy for you. You seem so happy" Jay said after we both calmed down from laughing.

"Thanks" I smiled and put the chain back into my bag.

"Anyways I'm gonna order a donut cause I skipped breakfast this morning"  Jay said, getting out her purse.

"Nah I'll order I'm in a good mood today" I smiled and made my way over to the front counter.

Later That Day

I scrunched up my nose as I shut the apartment door behind me.  It reeked of Kayla's signature perfume.

Just as I imaginarily said her name her room door opened and Geovoni walked out with Kayla following behind.

What is he doing here

"If you need me again call me" he reminded and she shook her head. Geovoni pulled her into a hug and gently rubbed the back of her head.

I cleared my throat and they pulled apart.

"What is going on?" I asked but none of them answered.

"Nice to know you're alive" Geovoni walked past me and left through the door. Kayla mugged me before going back into her room and I just stood there confused.

I deicded to chase after Geovoni to see what his problem was and why he just blew right past me.

"GEOVONI" I called before he walked out the building.

"So you forget I'm here or sumn" he turned around and held up his arms in the air. "The missed phone calls don't mean nun?" he questioned me.

"I've just been busy" I shrugged my shoulders.

"That's your excuse every single time. It's getting tiring"

"It's not exactly your business what I do and don't do" I scoffed and folded my arms across my chest.

"Forget I even said nun" he mugged me and backed away.

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