Chapter 11

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"How bout you quit stalking the nigga instagram and text him" Jay said beside on my bed.

"Which nigga? I got multiple" I said nonchalantly.

"You know who I'm talking bout" she lighty hit my foot with hers.

"I don't know who you talking bout" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Fine I'll call him myself and tell him you miss him" Jay put her phone up to her ear as it started to ring"

I contemplated first before reaching over to grab the phone from her ear. "Jay quit playing" I said, annoyed.

"It's been almost two weeks now and Sean told me he been all sad and shit"

"Did you know I've been in an abusive relationship?" I said out of the blue.

Jay narrowed her eyes at me. "Since when was this?"

"So if he think he can joke about sumn like that then he is no better than a rapaist himself." I stared at the wall just thinking.

I've kept this to myself for way too long and it's time somebody listened to me.


"Before Kyrell" I put up a hand.

"Damn girl I'm sorry" Jay said with look of pity on her face.

"Call me sensitive if you want but I took it personal" I dry laughed.

"You should be telling Geovoni this" Jay said and I gave her the side eye.

"Like I trust the nigga" I scoffed.

"Aniyah learn to let down your guards once in a while"

"And get hurt again mmmm yeah no" I thought for a second.

"Give him a chance you never know" Jay shrugged her shoulders.

"Jay love ain't real ok. Trust me I had guys say they love me in the past and end up cheating on me especially Kyrell" I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah but they aren't Geovoni" Jay replied.

"Whatever I don't care"

Jay's phone started ringing and she answered it. "I miss you too babe I'll be over in ten. I'm at Aniyah's and tell Geovoni she aight. Yeah bye baby" Jay hanged up the phone and I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Don't tell me you came to check up on me because Geovoni sent you"

"Ehhh 50/50 my dorm was boring and my roommate never there anyways but I gotta go Sean's waiting on me"

Jay got off my bed and fixed herself in the mirror.

"Aye watchu mean 50/50 Jay" I half shouted when she walked out my bedroom door.

"Nothing" she yelled and I sighed and chased after her but she was gone out the front door before I catch her.

What is she hiding?


"So how is she?" I asked Jaylin when she walked through the front door.

"She aight but she stubborn and ain't gonna listen to you" Jay said sitting down on the couch beside me.

"She hasn't answered any of my calls or replied to my texts" I sighed and leaned back into the couch.

"She's being stubborn. Always have and always will be" she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah I kinda figured. Never been with a girl like that" I chuckled.

"Really?" Jaylin looked surprised.

"Yeah they all toxic and crazy. Aniyah is just laid back y'know"

"Yeah she don't do much but I've been tryna her antisocial ass out the bed since forever." she shook her head.

"Making me feel all types of shit I ain't wanna feel" I kissed my teeth.

"Where's Sean?" Jaylin looked around the room.

"He'll be back in a min he getting food" I told her and she nodded her head.

I've been moping around the house wondering how Aniyah been for the past two weeks. I even went to a few parties and met some girls but they just ain't her.

"How bout I set you guys up. Like a blind date or sumn" Jaylin offered shrugging her shoulders.

"We already know each other tho" I wrinkled my eyebrows.

"Yeah but you guys could have a new beginning" she suggested.

"Oooh put the past behind us type shit" I smiled and nodded my head in realization.

"Yeah nigga you slow" Jaylin mugged me and I chuckled.

"Ayee thanks for the idea. It's sounds decent"

"How bout this Saturday if you ain't got no plans?" she asked

"Ion think so, so yeah I'm free"

"Aii good I'll text you the details some time this week when I get it all planned out" Jaylin said and I nodded my head.

"Aii bet"


"We can't just keep talkin' about it
We think too often about it
We can't just be cautious about it
I wanna get wild
Take me for a ride, boy
Show me your wild side, boy
Know it's been a while, boy
I wanna get wild"

I felt the music run through my bones as I watch myself through my mirror grinding and moving my hips to the music.

My phone started ringing which interrupted the music playing from my Bluetooth speaker. I sighed and answered the call without looking at the caller ID.


"Baby this is Kyrell. How you been ma I missed you"

I looked back at the caller ID and it was an unknown caller.

"Kyrell I f*cking blocked you on everything how the f*ck did you get my number. Don't you got a child to take care of?" I started off.

"Aight look baby I'm in Atlanta staying at a hotel until Saturday. I'll send you the address and I'll explain everything"

" I ain't going no where" I scoffed.

"Baby I know you're stubborn but please come visit. I'll send you the address if you change your mind"

"I'm not your baby no more you got a girl pregnant while dating me. Goodbye Kyrell" I hanged up the phone and threw it harshly down on the bed.

Shit shit shit


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