Chapter 26

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"Here you go" Kyrell gave me the blunt he just rolled.

There was a knock on the door and Kyrell got up from beside me on thr couch

"I invited my homies if you don't mind" he glanced back at me for a quick second before opening the door.

Two hood niggas walked into the hotel room and they all eyed me.

"Ky which bitch you have in yo crib now" the nigga with grills smirked at me. I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself from going off on him.

"She fine asf" the other nigga with waves said  while licking his lips.

I rolled my eyes, lit the blunt and put it to my lips.

"She smokes too" Kyrell grinned and they all took a seat beside me on the couch.

"Y'all niggas help yourselves I'm a get the liquor and be right back" he pointed to the table of weed and cocaine and disappeared into the back.

The guys with the grills put his hand on my leg and squeezed it. "You down for a threesome lil lady" he grinned creepily and I brushed his hand off my leg.

"F*ck you" I gave him the middle finger.

"Feisty, I like it" he grinned.

"Yo dugg watch what you say to her before I put a bullet through yo head" Kyrell said, coming back with the liquor.

"Aii let's get this shit started"


The night went on and it was around 1am when I went to use the bathroom. I hwld onto the sink to try to gwin my balance. My head was hurting like crazy and my vision was getting blurry and spotty and I could barely make out my appearance in the mirror.

It was a mistake coming with Kyrell. I don't know if he slipped something in my drink ai had earlier because I knew for a fact that the weed didn't cause this.

My phone started ringing and I took it out my jeans pocket to see Geovoni calling for the nineteenth time. I let it ring til voice-mail and put my phone back into my pocket.

I better get back out before Kyrell thinks I'm flaking on him.

Dugg and KT were smoking some weed on the couch and Kyrell was snorting some coke off the kitchen counter.

Come get another one baby" he referred to the 2 lines of coke he seperated with his credit card.

"Kyrell I think I'm done" I groaned. I wasn't feeling good and I was getting hot and sweaty.

"You can't back out now"

I inhaled the two lines and wiped off the excess coke on the outside of my nose.

"Good girl" he smirked.

I was getting hot and sweatier by the minute so I started taking off my clothes.

"Ma watchu doing? You can't be doing that shit right now infront of my homies"

"Kyrell I'm hot" I groaned out.

"Yo y'all need to get the f*ck out right now" he shouted at Dougg and KT.

"Watchu mean dawg?"  KT— with the waves— said.

"Get the f*ck out I'll catch y'all tomorrow"

"Aii bet" Dougg said and the both of them got up and left.


"Mamas lemme help you take off yo shit" Kyrell said, taking off  Aniyah's jeans. He glided his hand down to her area and started feeling her up.

Aniyah took her hoodie off and Kyrell started kissing down her chest towards her breasts. "Kyrell watchu doing?" she asked.

"How bout we head to the bedroom" he suggested, kissing her lips now.

Aniyah felt so weak that she didn't have the strength to fight him off.

"Yesss I need to lay down" she said. Aniyah felt so light headed that she could barely register what was going on. The spots in her vision were increasing and she felt her eyes getting heavy.

" Ok baby let's go"

Kyrell lifted her up into his arms and brought her into the bedroom. As soon as she touched the bed she closed her eyes and curled up.

"No baby get on your hands ans knees" he instructed but Aniyah felt too drowsy.

"No Kyrell I'm tired"

Soon Aniyah blacked out and Kyrell saw this as an opportunity to get what he wanted from her.

Y'all know what I'm talking about👀


"Aniyah wake tf up" Kyrell shook her body.

He shook her body multiple times but she still wouldn't wake up. He checked her pulse and noticed there was no heartbeat.

"Shit" he panicked and pulled out his phone to call 911.

"911 how could I help you" the lady said when she answered the phone.

"Um...shit" he brushed a hand over his head and heavily sighed. "I— my girlfriend is currently blacked out an non responsive on my bed rn.  She has a history of drug problems and I think she might be in danger. I don't know what she took or how it happened but I just found her like this."

"What is your address" the lady asked and Kyrell told her.

"An ambulance is on their way. Hang tight"

Kyrell hanged up the phone and gathered his stuff. He had to get out of here before the ambulance got there. He never meant shit to get out of hand like this but he had no choice to leave Aniyah half naked in the bed. He'd rather flee than go to jail.

But little did he know karma was coming around to bite him in the ass.


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