Chapter 29

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The End of Winter Break

"Are you sure you're ready to go back?" my mom questioned me as she put my heavy suitcase in the car. She refused to let me lift any weight because and I'm not even showing yet.

"Yes momma I'm fine. Thank you for understanding" I hugged her.

"If I had known what you were going through before I—"

"Don't blame yourself" I sighed and pulled away from the hug

It was all my fault

"Be safe and call when something's up. I mean it" she said in a stern voice.

"Okkk" I smiled.

I got in the car and give momma a wave goodbye as I reversed out the driveway and  speed down the street.


"Girrrrl which nigga got you pregnant?!" Jay rushed into my apartment a few hours after I settled from the long car drive

"Girl move from here. I been trying to tell ya ass but you been too busy for me" I gave her the side eye, rolled my eyes, and kissed my teeth all at the same time.

"Uh uh Aniyah I know you did not just make me run all the way here from my dorm and  not gon tell me who the mystery guy is" Jay put a hand on her hip.

"Ain't nobody made you do nun" I kissed my teeth.

"What's up witchu girl? You getting these pregnancy mood swings or sumn?" she wrinkled her eyebrows.

"Jay, the fact that you blew me off for your baecation in Jamaica when I needed you the most is what the problem is"

"Ok but all I was tryna ask is who the baby daddy is and you getting mad at me for what?"

Oh so you don't care that I almost killed myself overdosing on drugs and Kyrell the, baby daddy, left me for dead alone in a hotel room" I told her.

She looked like she had just seen a ghost.

"Girl tell me everything from start to finish" she sat down beside me on the couch without hesitation.

10mins later

"So he basically trapped you with his baby he don't know about, damn!" Jay shook her head.

" It's not like it matters. I'm thinking bout giving the baby up for adoption" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Why girl?" she gave me a quizzical look.

"I'm just not ready to be a mother. It requires a lot more that I'm capable of and between school and taking care of a baby I'd have to drop out of college."

"I get you" Jay nodded her head. "With all the things you've been through you definately stronger than any guys I know. Guy could neva" Jay held up her hand.

"For real" I smiled. "Cuz I'm a strong bitch always been a strong bitch" I laughed.

Lemme laugh through all the pain💔😥

"So you better clear this up with Geovoni cause he been love sick over you sis" Jay chuckled.

"You mean after he told me to f*ck off the other day" I kissed my teeth. "I told him I'm pregant and he didn't gaf"

"That's his ego sis" Jay rolled her eyes.  While Sean and I were on our baecation I overheard the two talking on facetime and Geovoni talked bout how you disappeared for days and one day you came back to his apartment and packed ya shit up and left without no explanation, so he thinks you flaked on him for the tenth time now"

"You should give him a chance"

"Okay here's the thing" I cleared my throat. "Geovoni plays around waayyy too much. He skips from girl to girl every single second and that's why I never take him serious. I mean he's the type to not do relationships and I can't stand being heartbroken again.

"But you'd rather deal with your rapist narcissistic boyfriend"  she raised one of her eyebrows.

"You know it ain't like that"

"Then please explain to me how you don't want to date Geovoni. He's been the perfect match for you from the start but ya stubborn ass too afraid to accept it."

"It's not that I don't want to date him I'm just tired of relationships. The only two I've ever been in turned to shit and I'm not ready for another roller-coaster relationship. I mean look at me! I got pregnant by my ex who raped me. " I heavily sighed.

"But you owe Geovoni the full story. I can see he really cares about you but I guess it's up to you if you wanna give him a chance." Jay shrugged her shoulders.

"I think I owe him an apology but I can't promise anything more" I grimaced.

Jay shook her head

"Let's stop at Popeyes first before we head to his apartment cuz it's been a while since I've had some. Oh and stop at Chic Fil a too cause I'm starving" I rubbed my belly.

"Chile— that pregnancy craving on x games mode." Jay laughed.

"Shut the f*ck up" I playfully slapped her arm.


I knocked on the door and it opened ten seconds later.

"What'd you do abort the baby" Sean looked down at my belly and grinned.

"No nigga I'm not showing yet" I rolled my eyes and pushed past him to walk inside the apartment. "And how you know I'm pregnant?" I looked back at him.

"Von told me. Me and him like brothers" he crossed his fingers and pecked Jay on the lips when she entered the apartment before closing the door.

"Ion want you running your mouth to everybody that I'm pregnant"

"That belly gon snitch on you way faster even if I did but I'm no snitch and look if you looking for Von this ain't a good time aight" he hesitated.

That's suspicious

"Why? he out doing sumn right now cuz I can wait" I informed him.

"Nah ion think you should wait on him" he shook his head.

That's weird

"I got patience" I reminded him.

"ANIYAH  I THINK YOU SHOULD GO NOW" he shouted for no reason.

Now I know for sure know he lying

"You clowned yourself you really think I believe that shit for real?" I raised one of my eyebrows.

I scoffed and walked out of the living room towards Geovoni's room.

"I suggest you not go in there" Sean yelled from behind me.

I opened the door and I immediately froze

Well shiii

Geovoni was staring straight into my eyes and didn't care to stop as he was smashing Kayla from behind on his bed I've slept in many times and will not be sleeping in anymore.

"Oh sh*t" Kayla said once she saw me. She tried pulling away but Geovoni grabbed her neck from behind and pushed her farther down into the bed—

Not bout to be writing no erotica on here🤚

Well it's time for me to pack my shit up and leave.

"OH SHIIIT" Jay said from behind me.

"Sean you knew bout this and you didn't warn us" Jay said.

"What you mean!? I just diiid" Sean pointed at the door.

"Yep we leaving right now" Jay said, pulling on my arm.

Ain't no freaking way I just witnessed that. I was right about him all along.


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