Chapter 15

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"So you never told me your name" RaShawn eyed me while sipping the last of his wine. Our plates were empty and we decided to stay and talk for a little while before we left the restaurant.

"Aniyah Pierce" I answered.

"Pretty name for a pretty girl like you" he complimented me and I looked down at my lap.

Wtf is wrong with me I never get shy

"So are you still in school. You look quite young" he stared right into my eyes. They held so much power. Dominance. I like it. 

"I'm a junior in college majoring in business looking to become an accountant" 

"Oh really" he cocked his head to the side. "You could work for me at Jackson Corp" RaShawn suggested and I suddenly became intrigued. 

Boss material

I like it

"Now I know why you're so rich"

"Glad to see you've noticed" he smiled. "My offer still stands. You have my number so you can text me if you're up for it."

"I'll think about it" I smiled. "How old are you?"

"I'm 26" he answered and I jerked my head back in surprise.

I'd at least thought he was older than that.

"26 and owns his own company. Impressive" 

"Well not yet until a year or so but for now I'm  currently the COO" he said and I slowly nodded my head taking in the details.

"Well I'm about to be the legal drinking age so I'm not that younger than you"

"So Aniyah do you have a boyfriend or are you currently interested in anyone?"

For some reason Geovoni popped up in my head but I suppressed the thought.

I shook my head no

" Good cause I'd like to take you out on a date" RaShawn smiled.

"I thought we were already on a date" I wrinkled my eyebrows.

"A restaurant would be a last resort for me. I'm not usually disorganized but you took me for surprise when you showed up on such short notice."

"Sorry I should've called" I slightly grimaced.

"No it's okay I'm glad you came"

The waitress walked up to us and handed RaShawn the bill and he took his wallet out his pocket.

"Oh no I can pay for my food" I told him.

"You don't have to worry about money when it comes to me. I got you" he smiled and paid with his credit card.

I was taken aback by how demanding yet generous he sounded.

I like it

Two Weeks Later

"So now you stealing from me" I opened Kayla's room door without knocking but it looked like I interrupted something judging by the tears streaming down her face.

"What are you talking bout?" Kayla rolled her eyes and got up off her bed and walked over to me by the door.

"So my got 2b spray just disappeared on it's own" I sarcastically said.

I needed to look good for RaShawn tonight which means my wig needed to be slayed.

Things with him for the past two weeks have been going great. Our first date went well where we shared our first kissand as a result of it, he invited me over to his penthouse tonight.

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