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You're a dragon, a powerful being that has taken down so many kingdoms and empires, and has so many jewels in your possession but the thing is. 

You're cursed. 

You're cursed by a damned wizard who had been eaten by you alive a hundred years ago. Damn that bearded son of a prostitute! You swore the moment you see someone look like him or have his blood running through their veins, you'll rip them apart to shreds. 

It may have damaged your dragon sized ego too much to the point you'd rather isolate yourself and just eat random elephants here and there. 

Even if you're strong, you don't want those pesky humans setting afoot in your territory and have to fight them. Pesky annoying stubborn slimey clay looking humans. 

Are you a coward now? No, you're just cautious. 

They're like ants, a never ending wave of them. They keep coming despite your clear warning of no trespassing and keep accusing you of things you didn't do. 

Aren't they getting scared? Going after a being more powerful than them, it takes more than toothpick looking weapons to kill you. 

Stupid fragile humans, you can gobble and swallow them easily and yet they keep coming back. You're starting to think they're masochistic or just plain stupid instead of being so called brave. 

Like right now. A knight had abruptly arrived in your territory, claiming that you release the princess of his Empire and seriously? It made you roll your eyes. 

Exqueezes moi, does this stupid Knight think he's living in a fairytale and he's the Knight in shining armor saving a kidnapped princess? 

Oh well, too bad, he's going to rescue no one. It's another story of a tragic one and those were your favorite type of tales. 

Because you're pissed and had enough of these beings. You're going to rip him apart too, it's been a while since you've eaten a human. 

"Return Her highness Charlotte and you'll be spared Y/N of the north!" The pesky Knight is quite skilled, more skilled than anyone you have fought these few hundred years. 

And it pisses you off more than anything. 

The two of you have been fighting for hours and he hasn't given up, continuing to fight for someone who you didn't even kidnap or know. 

It's starting to get dark and you're becoming more and more irritated, no matter how much you try to kill him, he just won't die and counter back. 

You only breathed fire on him as an answer but the bastard used magic as a shield to prevent himself turning to crisps. It's just annoying battling a person with magic skills. 

Even if you told him you don't have the princess, he won't listen and stubbornly push forward. He's starting to sound like a lunatic to you. 

Even if the cave you reside in is turning dark and he can no longer see that much, he still continued to fight and it made you think if he's truly human with that stamina he has. 

"This will be your end!" Soon enough the knight has tired you up to the point of exhaustion. Hundred of years of living, this might be your end, getting killed by a mere weak being. 

You really underestimated this guy. 

"Foolish human." You growled with anger, raising your claw to par his sword and knock it off. But you were proven too slow as exhaustion got to you and when he had managed to stir out of the way. 

You have gotten rusty all of those years spent in hiding. 

You watched as the sun behind him started to set from the horizon, the place quickly turning dark as the source of light disappeared. 

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