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"On another thought, maybe not. Johan's not here anymore. It'll be no fun." You retracted, your teasing grin nowhere to be found, gone like a puff of smoke. With that you abandoned the idea of bullying Freddy any further before going back beside Elijah. Your mood changes every time, especially when it involves Johan. 

You didn't bother looking back at Elijah nor giving an answer to his questioning look, there's no use in explaining right now. You're just going to ignore his questions and explain later on, of course if he's going to ask. 

But for now, you'll have to focus on your current predicament. 

Everyone seems shocked at the revelation and the Grand Emperor's fragile display. It's more shocking knowing that the Dragon that was recorded as their Empire's most terrorizing terrorist is now a helper of the Princess. 

And now is a human girl. 

No one could believe it but when it was proven, they had no choice but to do otherwise. Maybe it's the reason why you suddenly stopped causing terror to the Empire that caused great relief. Maybe it's Johan's last sacrifice and the reason he left without any prior words either. 

The current Empress and Emperor looked at each other then to their rescued daughter who looks very happy despite what happened to her. Even if they don't want to hold any favor with you, they don't exactly have a choice. 

"We owe you the greatest favor and gratitude for saving our precious daughter Y/n of the north." The Emperor said before slightly bowing to you. For their daughter, they're ready to forget about their ego and do anything to repay you. 

It made you sigh somehow, thankfully they didn't take the egotistical bullshit path they have and went the right way. It makes things easier for you and the others. With this, Charlotte and Elijah literally beamed when they faced you.

It seems they're relieved as well for the fact the monarchy didn't pose any threat with their plan and didn't put up any struggles. 

"Shall we come inside? It's very cold inside and everyone needs rest." The Empress said before linking her arm to her daughter's, she really wants to be as close as she can to her daughter. The Empress didn't want the same thing happening to Charlotte. If a Dragon comes and kidnaps Charlotte, the Empress is coming with her. 

"I agree. Maids come assist our heroes to their rooms and make sure they're comfortable. Because first thing in the morning, we'll have a discussion on how to repay them fully in return." Just like that, the Emperor went ahead with the maids doing what they're ordered to do. Freddy is escorted out too by his guards and servants, he still looks terrible and weak when you came traumatizing him. 

"That's one more step out of the way." Elijah's warm voice came, a small relieved smile on his face. You realized that his eyes are not only the same feature he has similar to his grandfather. It's his smile too. 

He looks exactly like his grandfather did in his youth, just a little bit warmer. It makes you a bit nostalgic somehow. 

With that, you stopped trying to hold back your feelings and smiled back. 


After getting separated from the Princess and Knight, you're being escorted by the maids. It's noticeable how many knights are guarding you too, do they think you'll be able to cause harm with this weak body of yours? 

You huffed but didn't say anything as you occupied yourself with the maze-like hallways you're walking in. When you were a Dragon, you couldn't enter the Palace without destroying it with your huge body but now that you're a human, you're free to tour yourself around and sight see what these humans have crafted and lived in. 

You have to say, you're very amazed. Golds, jewels, carvings, everything, it was a sight to see. You have to commend them with their skills and crafts, even a dragon like you is amazed. 

You didn't miss the huge numerous paintings hanging in the huge walls. Portraits of past Emperors and their wives, Princes, Princess, you name it. Dukes, Generals and such. Even past archmages. 

Of course it has the old man Johan's portrait hanging there too, except it's a painting of him in his mid twenties. You could say the painter didn't quite capture his eye color but oh well, other than that it's all good. 

"Here's your room Madame." As soon as you turned the corner, the maid bowed while standing next to huge double doors. The knights then went to do their job and opened the doors for you, letting you see what's inside. 

Like you said, you're amazed with human capabilities and skills but now you're more amazed when you saw the huge bed with so many fluffy looking stuff. Pillow, you remembered it's called, oh lord you want to sleep there now. 

"Madame, should we prepare a bath for you?" You heard the maid's timid voice ask. 

"No, I'm too tired for that. Can I go to sleep now?" You desperately want to test that bed and cuddle with those pillows. Maybe drown in the blankets too, maybe you'll feel like you're swimming in fluffy boar skin right? 

"Of course Madame but ummm…" You realized that she's trying her best to act as if she's not scared. Not that you can blame her, there's a literal dragon in a human body in front of her. 

Your eyes softened, maybe you can go easy on her. Along with the other maids and Knights who're too tense for granted.

"Hmmm? Go on, don't be afraid. I've decided I'm now an ally of your Empire so I wouldn't cause any chaos I promise." You said. You tried to smile reassuringly and thankfully this made them less tense than before. Still tense but not as before, still better than nothing right? 

"You'll have to change to something more comfortable, Madame." A more senior looking maid worked up her courage and said. You only nodded, the knights closing the door after going out to guard your doors. Right, they can't watch a woman changing, you forget sometimes. 

Soon, the maids helped you change like Charlotte did. You didn't know how to change with human clothes so you're a bit relieved you didn't have to figure it out yourself. 

"Please have a good rest Madame." With that the maids left, leaving you alone in your room already covered with the thick blankets and hugging a pillow. You immediately felt sleepy, too tired with your aching body and feeling too comfortable with the cushion. 

You felt like you're forgetting something but oh well, you're in too deep and fell asleep. You wonder what tomorrow will bring to you. 


Date : 1/10/22 (After such long days) 

Status : Unedited 

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