It's already morning when Elijah woke up after hours of trying to fall asleep. He only got a few hours of sleep as he spent the remainder trying to distract himself from the way you literally stuck yourself to him like he's some kind of body pillow. 

Not that he minded though but it's just that you're naked, baby naked. He swore he's about to die when you literally settled yourself on top of him. He never dared to move nor utter anything, not when you're so comfortable sleeping. 

Not when you had this peaceful and satisfied look on your face. Elijah is too soft hearted to do it and disturb you in your sleep. He can't bear the thought of interrupting your first ever comfortable slumber. Even if it means in exchange of his. 

At the end, he swore he just passed out at the sheer way he's panicking inside. The rest, he doesn't know what happened. All he knew was that he's already awake, rather high up in the cave. 

He stirred and realized that he's not resting on the cave's rocky ground and instead realized he's on top of a scaly surface. 

He panicked and sat up, almost falling down in the process. He doesn't know where he is now nor what happened but one things for sure, he's confused as hell. 

"Already awake human?" Elijah, yet again, almost fell down when he heard your voice in his head. But at the same time a dragon huffed underneath him that the sound alone vibrated throughout the cave's walls and surface. 

That's when Elijah yet again, realized something. He's now sleeping on top of you, you in your dragon form. It's already morning so it only made sense you're back in your original physical appearance. 

Elijah, supposed, that it's better than being crushed by a dragon so early in the morning. 

"Hmmh, seems like you are." You said in his head yet again when he didn't say anything and just stared at you in daze. 

"G-good morning." Came his greeting when he hastily fixed his stuff, not wanting to disrespect you any further by laying in your back for another minute. 

"'Tis certainly is a good morning." Your cheerful voice crept to his mind as another vibration of your huff came. Your tail swished and swished in a merry way, Elijah thought it's because you enjoyed your sleep. 

He continued to fold the sleeping bag and suddenly you shifted, not much to make him fall off, but just enough for him to notice. 

"Oho..that's quite tickling boy." You said as he finally finished. Elijah, who's still groggy from his sleep only mumbled an apology in return as he rubbed his eyes. 

He ruffled his bed hair before looking down at the distance he's going down to. At once, he prepared himself to jump with the help of wind magic to not break any bones as he went. 

You, who can't see what he's doing, only stayed in your place and looked outside the cave. You stared at the Blue sky and the sun. You never thought you'll ever see it again but here you are, appreciating little things and everything you're seeing. 

It's quite ironic isn't it? A Dragon that spent her life destroying everything, not caring for the beings or anything but herself, is here appreciating the nature around her with a strange emotion of peace. 

You heard a thud and realized that it's just Elijah finally landing down at the ground and off your back. 

You turned your head and it's quite strange, seeing him so small unlike how he's more taller when you're in your human form. 

"You have a severe case of bed hair Sir Williams." You teased when you saw his hair sticking up at different places. This snapped him out of his sleepy stupor as he started to pat down his hair in a panicked flustered mess.

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