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"That was so enjoyable! I would like to do that again for some time Y/n if you don't mind!" Charlotte was so happy that she's almost bouncing on her heels while Elijah was crouched at the corner of the cave walls, trying to compose himself after the terrifying and wild ride you gave them. 

It was understandable that he's acting like that. Any normal human would do the same, you went wild and fast towards your cave thus you arrived a bit earlier than you expected. It was already nearing night and everyone was inside your cave, including the horse who's pacing and looking around your huge lair. 

Without any harness or anything to hold on, Elijah was so scared for his life and held onto you so tightly but the Princess doesn't seem to care as she even spread her arms to embrace the air as if she's not thousands of meters up in the sky without anything to hold onto. 

That was then you and Elijah realized that the Princess is indeed quite wild in the head too. She might as well dive down a cliff and want to do it again just because she loves the feeling of air against her hair. She also accepted the story why you even decided to help in the first place with just a smile. 

"P-princess.." Elijah went pale at the thought of experiencing the horrible ride yet again. He hunched against the wall looking like a dispirited ghost. 

"Sir Elijah, you shall join me when we ride once again!" Charlotte turned around to face the Knight and beamed. Her words surely made him paler if possible. 

"I- Please Princess…" Elijah pleaded helplessly, pale as a porcelain plate, dying as if he's a bloated pufferfish returning to his original size. You don't know why you thought of that but yes, his helpless pleading made you smirk and join. 

"Yes Elijah, join us. I will make sure to go faster this time." You spoke, earning an excited squeal from the Princess and a deflating Elijah. 

"Oh dear God.." Came his terrified words as he realized his cruel fate. He fell down on his knees and his hands, wanting the cave to cave him in. 

"Brilliant idea! I'll look forward to that!" You and the Princess shared devious smirks, mentally high fiving. 

Perhaps not all humans are all bad as they seem to be. 

Then that was when the Sun disappeared from the horizon, enveloping the cave in darkness and the temperature turning cold. Almost immediately Elijah snapped his head up and retrieved his cloak. 

And as if on cue, the cave was suddenly filled with white smoke and the large creature called dragon disappeared amongst it all. Charlotte, who was caught off guard and confused, could only cough and waved the smoke away. Charlotte then casted a light magic to light the cave up. Everything has turned too dark. 

"W-what?" Amongst the chaos that was happening, Charlotte asked in confusion as the smoke settled down. She realized that the Dragon she's starting to get fond of has now disappeared and her precious cousin Elijah ran past her with his cloak in hand. 

Within the disappearing smoke, all Charlotte saw was two silhouettes. She was sure that it's Elijah who's covering the other unfamiliar figure, who looks like a woman, with his cloak. 

That's when Charlotte realized that it's just your curse working it's magic. You turned to a human and now Elijah is doing his best to cover you. 

"Thank you human…I just couldn't get used to this." Charlotte heard a familiar voice but this time not in her head but instead, it came in the direction of Elijah. 

"It's no problem. Are you feeling cold?" Came Elijah's voice, concern and care was so obvious in his tone as he kept his arms around you, not once withdrawing himself away from you. 

"Hmmh, not as cold as before. You and your cloak serve as great warmers." She heard your voice once again. Her sight kept getting clearer and clearer along with the smoke. 

The fog finally disappeared, revealing a human girl wrapped in Elijah's cloak and was closely hugged to his chest. It was quite intimate that Charlotte almost thought the two were a couple if she didn't know the circumstances. 

"Y-you really turned into a human!" The surprised Princess could only stutter out as she stared at your figure. Utter disbelief and awe was etched in her face as she watched you stand up with Elijah's assistance. 

With his hand on your waist and your hand on top of in his free one, Charlotte couldn't help but think that you two are quite physical with each other. Physically comfortable together. 

"And you're naked!" She added once she realized you only have Elijah's cloak as cover. She didn't know that one could curse a Dragon to turn into human but now she knew it is indeed possible. 

With her grandfather Johannes, she knew some unthinkable stuff could be possible when it comes to him. She just didn't know that the extent of his skills would be this great. It's just a shame that he died without returning from his battle. 

Charlotte knows you're the culprit but it's only natural between humans and dragons, one must win and one must die. This time, it's her and Elijah's grandfather who perished and lost the battle. It's a fair fight, one could be satisfied that the Dragon was cursed successfully despite the human losing. 

"Of course I am. Wearing clothes would be uncomfortable." Charlotte was stunned when she finally saw your face. She could see why Elijah was so adamant in helping you and pretty much…quite affectionate and comfortable with you. You're very pretty, like a nymph. 

Elijah Frendel Williams is a popular bachelor in the Empire. He's the second son of the Marquess, the grandson of the magician Johannes, the cousin of the royal family and most importantly, the greatest knight in the Empire, the youngest in history. 

This makes him very eligible. His looks and magical skills made him more desirable all together. The thing is, the women are so aggressive with their approach to this timid man that he can't even touch a woman that aren't close with him. 

But with you, Elijah was the person who's touching and approaching, not the other way around. Charlotte's pretty sure you just met each other. 

Maybe Elijah is coming out of his shell or maybe he found his match to who he found himself easily enamored with. 

"But wouldn't it be cold?" Charlotte asked, she's so interested in the structure of the curse. How it was invented, how it was casted and how it will be reversed. 

"It is cold, I freezed too many times these past years but I handled it well. Elijah over here.." You answered before trailing off, glancing at the hand in your waist and to Elijah who's staring at you. 

"Is very warm and comfortable to sleep with. Our first night together satisfied me so much." 

"You slept together?!" 

Looks like your horribly worded sentence made Charlotte gape and Elijah turn into a cherry colored human. 


Date : 12/24/21 (Back to back update baby) 

Status : Unedited 


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