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"This is so amazing Sir Elijah! This is the first time I've seen a female Dragon!" Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte seems fine as she ogled at your dragon form. It looks like she's both mentally and physically fine and wasn't all that scared by Kierkegaard. 

She has your praise, she's a strong woman for a dainty looking Princess. Knowing Kierkegaard, his victims wouldn't even last a day staying with him and yet this woman looks fine and mentally stable. 

It's just her appearance that told you that she's really kidnapped and subjected to his schemes. Her beautiful dress is not as pristine as before, it's full of rips and dirt. Her long White hair is seriously messy and was all over the place and her face was almost caked in dirt too. 

Though it's fine, she still looks pretty. 

Of course you have to credit her for not whining like a spoiled brat like every Princess has done after being saved by Knights who doesn't have time putting up with their tantrum after risking their lives saving some ungrateful children. 

This Princess seems very optimistic, determined and strong. Of course you're quite liking her because she's feeding your huge ego. Primarily that but mainly because she isn't prejudiced against you dragons even after being kidnapped by one. She's very open-minded and humble. 

Here she is, buttering you up with genuine compliments after you battered Kierkegaard to a bloody plump and left him bleeding out in the forests. You want to kill him but you decided not to, you'll just let him suffer in humiliation all his life.  

After Princess Charlotte's successful rescue, you're here where you and Elijah have agreed to meet after doing your plan. Elijah looks so relieved and happy when the plan succeeded without any hitch. Most importantly, the Princess is safe and saved. 

"Right? I've never seen a Dragon as majestic and beautiful as her." Elijah joined in complimenting you, his armor has been taken off as he's back in his comfortable clothes. You only sat down there, huffing in pride as you listened to their barrage of compliments that did nothing but feed your ego. 

"That I wholly agree!" She fervently nodded, her messy hair bobbing along with her before she stared at you.

"Say Y/n of the North, what can I do to repay you and Sir Elijah from saving me from the evil Kierkegaard of Zylsyl?" She asked, her tone serious. You and Elijah looked at each other and nodded before Elijah spoke for the both of you.

"I shall answer that question, your highness." Elijah said, his voice turning as equally serious. Charlotte stared at you and you just nodded, telling her it's fine for Elijah to answer. 

"Very well, name your price. I'll try my best to do what you wish as long as it's within my power." You realized that despite being an optimistic person, her intelligence couldn't be hidden. She exudes this aura of a real Royalty, what a strong queen would have. 

With a strong mentality and intelligence. You know that if she's chosen as the Empress, the Empire will prosper. Well the Empire is currently prospering too but you get the point. 

"We would like to have the Imperial family's permission in researching a certain curse." Elijah answered and you just stayed silent and let them talk. You couldn't risk ruining everything. 

"And what would that be that it needed our verbal agreement?" Charlotte answered, raising her eyebrow and titled her head to the side in confusion. Her White bangs swished to the side and almost covered her eyes until she pushed them aside yet again. 

Gosh, you all need fix yourselves after this before going back to the Empire. Especially the Princess, she needs to be presentable. 

"It involves the one and only Dragon that saved you and the previous Magician, my grandfather." Elijah explained and this made Charlotte whip her head towards you in surprise as she realized what's going on. She must have connected all the dots. 

The reason you disappeared and went to hiding, the reason Johannes Williams the Magician didn't come home for years. Everything. 

"So you're saying that Y/n of the north, is cursed?" She asked just to be sure and this earned her yours and Elijah's nods. 

"That is correct." Elijah confirmed. 

"And you're now trying to reverse it but for you to do so, you need any help you can get." The Princess caught on fast. 

"Exactly your highness." Elijah said yet again and it turned silent for a whole few seconds before Charlotte even answered. It made you a bit nervous, you admit. Your reversal of curse depends on her answer but the Empire's fate depends on this answer too. 

"I'll see what I can do. I will make sure to gain the permission you needed. This is all what I can do to repay your kindness and benevolence to me." Finally she spoke and it made Elijah beam as he smiled at you brightly. Your eyes shined and you had the urge to smile and soar through the sky in joy and elation. 

That was then the Princess kneeled in front of you as if she's a Knight and stared at you with clear determination in her Blue eyes. It made Elijah panic as it's his first time seeing a Princess kneel down like a knight. 

And bowing down itself as an Imperial family member is quite a taboo. But whatever Charlotte is going to say, you know she's going to fulfill it no matter what. 

"I promise as the Northern Empire's only Princess, that I will do everything to help you throughout your journey in removing your curse." 

She says promise but you know it's a full pledge to the heavens and to you. That's when you know that your curse will certainly have a chance of being reversed. 

"If you don't mind me questioning and letting my curiosity get free, what curse exactly does Y/n have?" Charlotte then can't contain her curiosity that she just needs to ask. That was then you decided to speak inside her head. You see no problem telling her that. 

"I turn into a human every night. Don't tell anyone else though, I wouldn't want assassins of hunters coming after me during my weakness." You said and Charlotte was visibly shocked when you suddenly spoke inside her head.

"You turn to human every night? I could see why you would want to get your curse removed…" She said before nodding, good to know someone understands your struggles. 

"I promise to keep this between us unless I get permission to speak this to anyone else." You nodded in content, you'll trust her for this. 

"Y/n, I suggest we wait for the night to arrive before you enter the Empire. You will surely get attacked when you arrive there in your true form. People will surely get the wrong idea." Elijah then spoke, stirring the subject away. 

"I agree with Sir Elijah! I'm very curious what you would look like as a human you see!" Charlotte said, leaning and touching your scales. You didn't mind so you just nodded. 

"Hmmh, we certainly need to go back to my cave first, am I right?" You suggested and everyone agreed. Thus, the horse was turned back to stuffed toy yet again. 

"Hop on humans, I'm taking you for a wild ride!" 


Date : 12/23/21 ( Second update baby) 

Status : Unedited 


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